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02-19-2007 - Updates & New Sections

The Final Fantasy XII - Revenant Wings release in Japan has officially been confirmed; April 26th, 2007. We strive to have a Revenant Wings section open by spring/summer 2007, but in the meantime please step by our Revenant Wings forum.
Also, we have recently updated many [Info] sections and added the magicks & items sections. More sections coming up soon, so make sure to check back!

12-26-2006 - New Year Updates

FFXII.Net hopes you have wonderful holidays and wishes you all the best in 2007! In the new year, we will continue to expand our FF12 information. Expect content-updates soon in January! In addition, we plan to feature the 'Revenant Wings' title in 2007.
And, good news for the European fans! Final Fantasy XII will be released around February 23rd 2007. Click here for the official EU site.

11-13-2006 - FFXII.Net Review

FFXII.Net now features a short review of the game, which may help you decide whether to buy the game or not.
If you have any comments on the game yourself, write it down! We now accept fan reviews, please submit them here. Also continue to submit fan arts, wallpapers and fictions. We will now start to add them to the site again.

11-06-2006 - FFXII.Net Updates

After the release of Final Fantasy XII in North America, we now present you the new forum skin! Please have a look here.
Also, the Espers section (former Summons section) has been updated and the Airships section has been added.
FFXII.Net will soon have an exclusive review of Final Fantasy XII ready for you and we will update and add more sections!

10-31-2006 - Final Fantasy XII released!

Final Fantasy XII has finally been released in North America! After more than three years waiting, the fans can finally play the new story of Ivalice! We wish you a lot of joy playing the game!
Additional note: New forumskin will be released during the week.

10-27-2006 - FFXII.Net prepares for release

Final Fantasy XII is about to be released in North America. For that reason FFXII.Net will have numerous updates for you soon, including the longawaited new forumskin!
In order to provide you the best game-information, we will do our best to update our sections and add new ones. However, you can help us out! Any game-coverage written by yourself like: fanreviews, walkthroughs, etc etc. are welcome!
Please send them to: coverage@ffxii.net.
NOTES: Only submit your own-made stuff, do NOT copy! We do accept information like 'walkthroughs' that were also submitted by you to other gamesites like GameFAQs for example.

09-02-2006 - New Review Scans!

The Independent Playstation Magazine® recently reviewed and analysed the American version of Final Fantasy XII. We have taken the scans of the magazine's review, which can be found here.
This review contains some new information regarding the american version of Final Fantasy XII, so check it out! Our own review will be written once the game has come out in the US.
On a side note, we would like to inform you that our forum's new skin will be finished soon and the updated sections + new sections are coming up soon too!

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