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So Does She Weep } I could feel their pain deep in my chest
The sudden ache of loss all around me
Giving me but a taste of true sorrow
I watched as he slipped away from her
Lying cold in his gold-lined coffin
Such destruction I had not known before
Was steadily creeping into the land
Flowers that once fell white, withered
Raining upon this time as an omen of despair
I cannot possibly fathom her anguish
Knowing full well she had loved him
And bearing such agony as that to break
With words surging up like waves on the shore
I care not how this world has turned
While blood is the foundation of their hate
They stole so many lives in one war
That the numbers are too high to count
And so tragic do they fell my beating heart
In this church does she so weep
Mourning all that has passed and all that will follow
Losing her innocence to a time of battle
With her soul slowly shattering as he sleeps
Only this sleep he shall not wake from
As the arrow has already struck his heart
And the sigh of death in those blue eyes
So does she weep, our princess so fair
For a world, a time, a people now lost
Mere words are left to give them life
Memory being as it is shall surely perish


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