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Author: Bobbert    Email Address: Bobbert116@gmail.com   
Hours played: 67    FFXII Version: NTSC    Submitted: 14 Nov 2006

Gameplay} Good job here. It's almost like a combination of Final Fantasy ATB and Seiken Densetsu. I was a little dubious of it at first, but once you get into it, it becomes very enjoyable. Although, having your characters completely automated took some getting used to. Also, it is probable that many old school FF players would be frustrated with this battle system. Once you have your gambits set up correctly, you run around and let your characters do the battling for you. I wish I could say boss battles were different, but they really aren't. Change a few things around in your gambits and you can start the encounter and go make yourself a sandwich.

Graphics} Amazing. With FFXII, the PS2 performs one last grand stand show before its death. Square Enix pushed the system to its limits and beyond. Sometimes I couldn't tell whether I was watching a regular cinematic or an FMV. The characters and environments were absolutely stunning. Effects in the Quickenings and Espers were especially well done. My hat's off to Square-Enix in this department.

Music} Quite a nice little soundtrack. There are many tracks from FFXII that will stand out in your mind. I personally found many of the city themes very enjoyable, though there are others that are, at times, repetitive. It seemed like they used the same giza plains/desert songs in a few different areas, however in the end this detracts precious little from the game.

Story} Here's where I had a little trouble with FFXII. And I'm not going to say "because it's a kotor clone". The main character had less to do with the actual story than the lead female character. And you know how in many Final Fantasies, you discover some interesting spoiler or secret about the main character? None here. Vaan's just an orphan who accompanies a princess. They should have just made Ashe the main character. I also felt as if Square could have done so much more with the characters. They had so much potential at the beginning of the game, but there were so few meaningful scenes in the actual plot. The characters I didn't use in my main party, I nearly forgot about.

Voice Acting} The actors are good. The differing accents and inflexions they use are great. (though Penelo sounded quite similar to Ashe, and should have had a much lighter, less mature sounding voice) BUT WHY ARE THERE SO FEW VOICE ACTING SCENES IN THE GAME? Actual voice content in FFXII is rare. Most of the scenes are done through dialogue boxes, like the Final Fantasies of yore. Which, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with. However, if you're going to do voice acting, do it completely, not as an occasional gimmick.

Overall} Of course it's a great game. It's Final Fantasy XII! However, it didn't completely live up to my expectations. I would have enjoyed more emphasis on the storyline and characters. The battle system's fun and the graphics are stunning, but in my opinion it just isn't up to par with the rest of the series. Nonetheless, a great RPG.

Ratings} Gameplay: B-     Graphics: A+     Music: B+     Story: C-     Voice Acting: C     Overall : B-

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