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Author: Nujtxeng Vang     Email Address: fateddestiny85@hotmail.com
Hours played: 70     FFXII Version: NTSC     Submitted: 24 Dec 2006

Overall} Honestly speaking, if I were to give this game either thumbs up or a thumbs down then it would most definitely be a thumbs down. I seriously thought Final Fantasy XII had the potential of being one of the best games in the Final Fantasy series. I mean, with the amount of time and work that went into making it how could I have thought otherwise. Boy was I over my head. Like so many have already pointed out, the story revolved around Ashe and not Vaan who supposedly was the leading character. The story was amazingly simple and dull in my opinion with very little twists and turns that would get even a first time player of a Final Fantasy game excited about. I did not feel connected with the characters at all. And what's up with all of those beautiful airship designs if we are not able to pilot them ourselves? The music wasn't that great relative to music in past Final Fantasy games. Although the quickening system was unique by its own standards, I thought it lacked that "limit break"/"overdrive" quality that Final Fantasy fans are used to. For example, no weapon technique like skills, personalized button commands for each character, etc. I thought Ashe's voice was a bit too old and rough - something I totally did not expect from the graceful stance she has in the promo posters (the one where she's touching her nose). The list of things I found unlikeable goes on, but I suppose I'll stop here and mention a few of the good things about the game.

Likes} I actually enjoyed the battle and gambit system. The pace and perpetual game play they brought out was different, yet, very well done and pleasing. The graphics were breathtaking and the license plate was new although earning AP was a bit too easy. Thus, it put less of an emphasis on different character builds than anticipated. I spent a lot of time on side quests so I guess they're worth doing, and henceforth, a noteworthy quality of the game.

Improvements} So what could have been done that would have made the game that much better for me? First, Ashe should have been the leading character. If not, do something similar but different in fashion to Final Fantasy X where the story revolved around the leading female character Yuna but with development in character and plot twists involving the actual leading character in the game Tidus as the player progresses through the game. As for the storyline of the game, it needs more development. The game was too short, and therefore, did not go into enough depth to make the game complete and worth a second time of playing over. The characters needed to be more developed in their own rights as well their connection with one another. And where are Vaan's "Lionheart" / "Omnislash" / "Blitz Ace"?

Overall}C+ My overall rating for the game is a C+.
I love Final Fantasy, but this game is probably at the bottom of the list.


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