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Author: OldGamerGal     Email Address: catwrangler7@hotmail.com
Hours played: 210 hours     FFXII Version: NTSC     Submitted: 1 Jun 2007

Overview} Well, what a disappointment this version of FF turned out for me. I was honestly surprised at the poor storyline and unlikable characters in the game. Unlike FFX and FFX-2, where you couldn't help but get involved with the story and great cast, this one was a losing horse right out of the gate! Yes, yes, the graphics were great, you expect that with every new SquareEnix game that comes out, they just get better and better. But working to create super graphics is no excuse for taking away from the really important aspects of any great RPG game, and that's the story and the characters. Here SE failed in a big way with FFXII. Not only were they not very likable you simply didn't care much about them one way or another. Where is the great humor and friendship that one saw between the entire cast of FFX/FFX-2? As for some of the generalites of the game, the Esper's stunk, they were worse then useless and I found myself early on not using them at all, the same with that stupid Quickening! What the heck was that suppose to do to help you? It never did anything for me (except get me killed after using it, since it drained all your magic). But, as far as I'm concerned one of my biggest peeves of the game with the 'steal/poach' effect. Or, should I say, the lack thereof! What a rip-off! Spending hours on end trying to get decent rare weapons and armor all to no avail! Setting the theft rate at a lousy 6-10%???? Who was the idiot who came up with that idea at SE?? I never did EVER get one single decent weapon or armor from my game, not from beginning to end! Worse then useless, a total timewaster!

Overall}Personally, I feel pretty lucky that I held off buying the game until it came way down in price and I got it from EBay. I would not have been a happy camper if I'd of paid a small fortune for it new. My advice to all of you, do the same, if you really must have it for you collection. I give it 2 1/2 stars out of 5


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