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Final Fantasy XII Net Forums _ Feedback Centre _ Forum FAQ & RULES - Read me!

Posted by: Kajutsa Jan 10 2004, 10:27 AM

FFXII NET Forum FAQ v2.3

Q: What does FAQ mean?
A: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't like this skin; Can I use another one?
A: Nope, currently this is our only skin... So try to live with it.

Q: How can I change my nickname?
A: Ask an Administrator and maybe she/ he will do it for you.

Q: Can I do anything I like here?
A: Nope, sorry... we have rules here

Q: Rules? Show me!


1. Stay friendly to each other

2. No SPAM

3. No Crossposting/ flooding


5. No spoilers

6. No Hentai/ Porn/ XXX Manga related issues

7a. Use only a few smilies and/or pictures in your messages

7b. Pictures in messages must have a width of 480px or lower

8. Do not disrespect the crew

9. Don't sign up multiple useraccounts

10. Don't use large avatars and/ or signatures.  Sigs and avatars should not be bigger than:
    *450x150px images and 4 lines of text allowed in sigs
    *100x100px image for avatars
If members do not follow this rule, staff members are allowed to edit your signatures/avatars from the 8th May 2007 onwards.

11. HTML is allowed in sigs, but only use it for the font and/ or align.
    *So don't use it for roll-over text lines/ marquees etc!

12. Post your messages in English only

13. If your thread is most likely going to have mature content, please put NC-17...etc on the thread title. If you cannot, ask a mod to do so.

Q: What will happen if I mess with these rules?
A: You will receive a warning

Q: A warning? Do you think that will help?
A: If warnings don't help, you will get BANNED

Q: Who can give me a warning and who can BAN me?
A: Moderators and Admins can give you warnings and Admins can also BAN you.

Q: Who are the Admins and Mods? unsure.gif

Q: Can I be a Admin or Mod?
A: Currently we aren't hiring anymore forum staff, so the answer is NO.

Q: What ranks can I get with my postcount ratings?
A: Ranks to get: Q: What is the difference between the 'Members' and 'Senior Members' usergroups?
A: When you sign up the forums, you will start in the Members group. After you post 1000 messages here, you will automatically be promoted to the Senior Members group with more PM storage and extra rights.

Q: I need help and this FAQ didn't help out!
A: Use the or post your question in the!

Q: Is this FAQ finished?
A: For now... yes. But stay tuned, because we will update it as often as we can smile.gif

Important : FFXII.Net Forums has the right to edit/ delete/ close/ move: topics, users and userprofiles for any reason!

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