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> Who supplies you with endless hi-potions?, LARSA! <3
Everybody loves Larsa
post Oct 31 2007, 12:35 AM
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*sings to Kenya theme* Where can you get potions? only from larsa! Everybody loves the larsa, he's got potions! Nobody hates the larsa... cept maybe his brother.. Larsa is better than Vayne anyday!" *hums cheerfully*

Hi! My name is Jess, you can call me Hisui or Suiko or whatever.

I really love this game! My roommate bought it back in july and has been playing it on and off since and whenever i watch her play it I get excited! So excited she convinced me to start playing and now in 50 hours i've almost caught up with her in the storyline xD; (I have to go to Giruvegan and she just passed it )

I usually rush through ff games to the point where i hit a boss battle and cant continue because i never level up all my characters enough to belong there.(ff7 through 9)

But in 12, Leveling is a huge priority for all your characters to be the same level or you fail quickly. So watching my Leveling whore of a roommate play 120 hours till every esper and hunt and boss are not so difficult for her(still difficult but not so bad) I've learned to level up my characters and keep them on top of the monsters rather than rush through.

Since i still havent finished the game(neither has my roommate) please be wary of spoilers Dx.

My favorite characters (you think ima say larsa first?) are Balthier, Basch, Ashe, Fran, Larsa, Penelo...

im not a big fan of vaan. He was alright in the begginning.. and as he changes in the game.. he just looses his love from me xD;

but he is funny i must admit. at least he is the "entertainment"

I noticed some AshexBasch fans and VaanxPenelo fans too.. XD
my slash are usually crack but I could see Basch and Fran *headdesk* and LarsaxPenelo is my otp xD;

and i've seen Vaan/Balthier shippers... i cant honestly see this pairing being remotely canon as they claim. I see Basch/Balthier more canon xD;

But Balthier and Ashe too have some moments in the game yet Ashe's heart is always on Rasler and Basch just keeps on protecting her... it's so cute. xD

And Vossler.. I cant hate him either... <3 I liked his design too xD;

Did i mention i love the character designs? they are amazing! So much that i cant draw them correctly and give them justice! Dx

Perhaps i shall sketch up the cast sooner or later Dx I want to that's certain!

I want to cosplay from 12 too... but Im not sure who i could pull off.

My roommate want's to cosplay a Judge and she suggested I do Basch so she could be Gabranth and we can war with each other... But I think I'd be better off cosplaying Larsa xD
I always thought he was a girl in the very beggining. xDDD

er.... wow this is a long intro. Dx

Sorry for my terrible grammar!
rushes to see other awesome in this forum! =D

*~Revenant Wings Status~*

Vaan:34 Penelo:31 Kytes:34 Filo:34 Llyud:34 Balthier:34 Fran: 34 Ashe:35 Basch:35<3
Game time: 16h20m Missions: 58%
Cu Sith is t3h cute! Llyud is t3h awesome! x3 Balthier is t3h leading man!
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