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Final Fantasy XII Net Forums _ Debate Corner _ The Bible- various lies?

Posted by: AkamaruFoxHound Feb 14 2008, 02:44 AM

I found this a while back and it's quite debateable

yes the guy who wrote it is someone I've seen in person, and trust me he's a local anarchist/athiest

Posted by: BohemianAndy Feb 14 2008, 07:33 AM

Amazing just amazing... me and a couple of buddies got one hell of a good laugh at this, a friend pointed it out. it seems that "God" loves to see things as "It was Good"

We actually find it rather amusung XD

Obviously, this person is an intellectual who is scrutinizing the Bible with regard to it's meanings in a deep and thoughtful way rolleyes.gif

The critique that this person has who you (Akamaru) find "debateable" is moreso like that of a kindergarten student. The author has terrible "arguments", and his syntax needs to be worked on a lot more to become legible.

what I mean is that we may be his "children" since that whole, we are created from his image shit, but that pretty much throws it six feet under

Yes, that can clearly be deduced mellow.gif

The shit that this guy types doesn't even make sense.

some things in this book do not cease to amaze me, tell me you Catholics and Christians praise your "Mary Magdelene" or "Virgin Mary" or whatever, tell me your people praise your "Holy Whore" as I call her, you asswipes actually praise the Son of God and his Holy Whore! I mean how can you do that? That's like taking the skull of a commoner and WORSHIPPING IT! and right about "Oh, your nothing more than a Blasphemer" or "Your just a Bible burner!"Shut up, I have a right to say this, I believe what I want and you believe what you want...

Can someone get this moron some professional mental health help? Not only is he braindead, he's also an egocentric bigot.

yes the guy who wrote it is someone I've seen in person, and trust me he's a local anarchist/athiest

AkamaruFoxHound, once again you have posted a topic based on insecurities and poor knowledge. This "athiest" needs to be educated. Akamaru - do yourself a favour and start reading things such as the Bible for yourself instead of passively believing what moron's like this athiest have to say as credible arguments.

I can't wait for his next thought-provoking "part 3" LMAO laugh.gif I think I'd rather throw myself down a staircase head-first.

What is more difficult to believe - his pathetic and weak points that he suggests about the Bible, or the fact that he is "27 years old"? Hmm...tough one.

I'd love to see steiner, Resurrection and other debaters carve into this poor, self-serving and deluded soul's "arguments", but I don't see any arguments of substance nor merit to debate against. A shame indeed sad.gif

Posted by: Fox Feb 14 2008, 10:33 AM

My first reaction was to sigh at yet another one of these threads.

My second reaction was to read the idiocy spewing from this guy. And I'm flabbergasted. I certainly hope atheists like THAT are the minority of us. Most people I know are atheists because they are educated, rational thinkers who have come to that conclusion, not because they enjoy randomly insulting things and searching for conflict.

There's a difference between going to a debate and calling your opponent names with nothing to back it up.

I'm in a lecture right now, if I have some spare time when I get back I may address some of"points" this guy brings up

Posted by: JudasOne Feb 14 2008, 12:20 PM

Wow just wow. What a complete dolt. If you are going to attack something like the bible you need to read the whole thing and not jsut pick out the parts that you dont like. That's a common complaint that people have against Christians!. I mean how do you confuse the two Mary's into one person? And If he had any more of the Bible he might have found that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are often refered to as One entity, a true Triumvirate hence the 'us' and the 'our'. I dont know what's worse though; that guy's arguments or the fact that some people *cough* are listening to him.

Posted by: Adrammalech Feb 14 2008, 02:11 PM

Well you know, people are stupid and this is one of the best examples

Posted by: Chrono Feb 14 2008, 02:40 PM

Mary Magdelene and Mary are two different persons I thing. Mary Madgelene was some random "prostitute" while Mary short was his mother. Am I wrong?

Posted by: JudasOne Feb 14 2008, 03:09 PM

^no you are exactly correct. They were two very different Mary's. Which shows the complete ignorance of Vincent and anyone who heads his ranting as valid points worthy of reflection.

Posted by: steiner Feb 14 2008, 06:13 PM

This fool makes atheistic arguments look weak.

There are sound reasons to criticise the Bible, just not the ones contained in there. His crticisms are obviously flawed so I wont bother spelling them out.

Posted by: Marblefist Feb 14 2008, 09:10 PM

This is ignorance displayed in its purest form, how that dude can be so...narrow minded and plain idiotic is beyond me. Could he not at least grasp the basis of an arguement? There was no cohesion, no clear thought, just idiocy. It would be funny but he could be spouting this shit to people who dont deserve to hear it. He doesn't sound like a person who would debate his viewpoint but one who would simply be aggressive just to boost his ego. 27 years old as well! Just goes to show that maturity does not necessarily come with age.

Posted by: Resurrection Feb 14 2008, 09:22 PM

I thought that these links would actually have legitimate, intelligent arguments. Boy, was I wrong.

Posted by: rainbowbrat Feb 15 2008, 02:39 PM

And If he had any more of the Bible he might have found that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are often refered to as One entity

This depends on what religion you are refering too. Mormons do not believe this, they believe they are different individuals. Just FYI

Posted by: Resurrection Feb 15 2008, 04:17 PM

Yes, the doctrine of the Trinity was not immediately obvious to Christians. It took a couple centuries of development, then the Church declared it as dogma, I believe.

Posted by: Rim_Shot Jun 26 2008, 05:40 PM

This whole argument is fucking dumb. If your gonna critique the Bible you better have some solid fact and support. Not just making fun of the choice of word that "God" uses, "It was good". That is just an argument for the sake of an argument. Take this shit away!

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