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> New Trailer (3/31) and Trailer 7 Translation, Basch, Ashe, Larsa revealed in the character page
post Mar 30 2007, 11:32 PM
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This is the translation as promised... Seriously this is harder to translate as Larsa, Basch and Ashe likes to use bombastic words which can't exactly be translated. This is the best that I could come up with so far and I tried to translate it according to the context of the game. I will try to fix up some of the translation later but this is the basic gist of it.

Penelo: Ra... Larsa... denka!
Penelo: La... Larsa.. Your majesty!
Vaan: Konna tokoro ni ite iinokayo?
Vaan: Is it all right for you to be here?

Title: Trailer Vol. 7 – Ivalice – Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings

Vaan: Kyouryokusuruyo! Omae mo iroiro atte komatterun darou?
Vaan: Let us help you! You have a lot of dilemma, right?

Kytes: Yappari Basch-shogun wa Dalmasca no Eiyuu nanda.
Kytes: It’s true. General Basch is the hero of Dalmasca.

Tomaj: Ivalice no ??? ga sekkin chu.
Tomaj: Ivalice’s airship fleet is closing in

Title: Katsute no Nakama to no saikai.
Title: The Reunion of Former Comrades

Ashe: … zannen desu ga saikai no yorokobi o katari au jikan wa arimasen.
Ashe: … Unfortunately, we do not have the time to talk about our pleasurable reunion.

Basch: Dewa ichido chijou de kitekurenaika. Soko ni ‘kyouryokusha’ mo iru
Basch: Then, would you all return to the land once again? There are helpers there as well.

Larsa: Minna-san ga korareru to kiitara itemotattemo irarenakute.
Larsa: When I heard that everyone was coming, I couldn’t stand to wait.

Title: Sokoku no kiki ni sairin suru Jouou
Title: The Queen who once again faces a Country Crisis

Ashe: Sorenara Imasugu ni ??? de aru Tsubasa no Judge o oubekidawa.
Ashe: If that’s the case, we need to pursue Judge of Wings at once.

Ashe: Anata wa kawaranai no ne. Ima no watashi wa … dou mieru?
Ashe: You didn’t change. What do you think about… the present me?

Ashe: Aredake no chikara o motsu ishi ga hiromattara. Izure mata ookina senran ga okoru gamoshirenai
Ashe: If the stone of such power is spread around. It would cause another massive war to occur.

Title: Hitobito o mamoru shinnen no kishi
Title: The knight who believes in protecting the people

Basch: Ima wa teikoku no ningen da. Dalmascca o mamoru tsugi no eiyuu was kiminanodazo.
Basch: I’m an Archadian now. The next hero to protect Dalmasca… is you.

Basch: Judge no nao tsuku koto de teikoku ni fushinkan o dakumono mo fue teitena.
Basch: Using the name of the judge, it would increase the number of people who distrust the Empire.

Basch: Hitobito no negai sono omoi soshite heika gojishin no negai wa subete ni hitotsu desho.
Basch: Thinking of the wish of people, then your majesty’s own wish. It is all is same, right?

Title: Heiwa ni tsukusu shonen outei
Title: Young Emperor who Serve Peace.

Larsa: Sore ni konkai no ikken wa omotta ijyou no ookina mondai ni narouto shiteimasuka. Minna-san Tsubasa no Judge to youbareru jinbutsu wa gozonji desuka?
Larsa: The problem which occurred this time is much larger than which we expected. Does everyone know about the persona known as the Judge of Wings?

Larsa: Nandaka Kytes-san ya Filo-san ni wa sakerareteiru kiga surundesu. Yappari (literally: As expected) Teikoku wa mada osorerareteiruno desho?
Larsa: For some reason, I feel that Kytes and Filo are avoiding me. They still fear the Empire?

Larsa: Jidai ga kawatte mo hito no kokoro wa kawarazu nokorimasu.
Larsa: Although the era has changed, the heart of human will not change.

Title: Butai wa futatabi Ivalice e
Title: The Stage Returns to Ivalice

Ashe: Chi o nagasu koto wa tsugunai de was arimasen! Anatagata ga kono kuni o midasouto iunonara… watashi wa mamoru!
Ashe: I would not let blood be shed! If you’re going to mess up this country… I will protect it.

Basch: Tashika ni watashi wa itsuwari no Judge da. Dakarakoso nashieta koto ga aru! Ikite iru mono no mirai o tsukuri ageru koto da!
Basch: It is true that I’m a fake judge… hence; there is something which I must accomplish. I will create a future for those who are alive.


The character page for Basch, Ashe and Larsa and another new character has been updated. Most of the facts provided are something that we all know of but I would like to translate the final paragraph for the character description as it sort of gives us insight to the characters. I'll post it up later.

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