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> Just got the game...., Impression so far
post Apr 26 2007, 01:42 PM
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Haven't played much, just about two hours or so in the game and currently in Chapter 2. The game feels like an RTS rather than a tradional RPG. You have chapters and in those chapters, you have missions to complete amd most of the goals are similar to RTS games like clearing the whole area, getting the flag, defending/capturing summon gates.

Characters are divided into 3 types: melee, ranged and air. Melee is weak to air, air is weak to ranged, and ranged is weak to melee. Each character can also have 3-4 summons following them around. Unlike FFXII where there is a lot of freedom to customise your characters, this time it seems to be fixed. Take Penelo for example, she seems to be a dedicated healer while Kytes is a red mage. I'm not quite sure if they can learn other abilities other than that, like I said I'm very early in the game.

Oh, when the developers said this game was intended for people who are new to RPG, they weren't kidding tongue.gif. The game is extremely easy so far. Haven't been killed yet considering the text is in Japanese. All in all though, it is quite a fun, lighthearted game, quite a change from the serious tone of FFXII. smile.gif
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