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> the low level/122333 challenge thread
post Feb 2 2008, 07:43 PM
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I have just completed the 122333 challenge!!!!

undying and the rest where quite simple,but most of undying's attacks knocked me out quite quickly,so a'lot of phoenix downs where used.

the pharos at ridorona:

i ran out of hi-potions after the 1st ascent,ran through the whole of the second ascent and used no x-potions,then i ran out of x-potions at the last second against dr.cid after famfrit had been defeated!!

pandaniem,slyt,fenrir,DR.cid,gabranth,hashmal and famfrit all defeated!!

pandaniem-too easy.dead in minutes,although the paling meant that he did last quite a while.

slyt-i was so stupid,i forgot to get the wyrm fire shot!so there was no point in oiling him,so it took some time and a'lot of healing.

fenrir-now this guy was really challenging.He hit me at over 1500-2500HP damage!!so quite a bit of x-potions where used.And also took some time.But he finally went down too. hashmal-really simple,i was hoping for more of a challenge.He too,took some time to defeat but he was nothing that i couldn't handle,he's quakeja only did 1200HP damage.

gabranth- i have met tougher malboros

dr.cid,famfrit- when it was dr.cid first,easy as pie!
then when famfrit stepped up,things got real tough.After he was dead DR.cid got much tougher.

i was hardly doing any damage to dr.cid!! 150HP damage to be exact. blink.gif

so my only hope was to unleash some serious quickening damage!i used a hell of a'lot of hi-ethers in the battle.I ran out of hi-potions and x-potions when he was HP-critical.

going through the 122333 was very challenging and annoying at times but great fun!!

I survived,will you?

challenge description:

if you haven't done it before,the 122333 challenge is a challenge where you can't gain a single level.As you can imagine,it's very hard.and you're right!( no loot:no money so you need to spend alot of time stealing from king bomb and the werewolves early in the game and ofcourse there's the license points.if you cant kill enemies then you cant get any LP,the only way to get LP early in the game is to defeat bosses and hunts)

i recommend anyone who hasn't done it before to have a go at it!

the challenge is called the 122333 because those are the levels you have to stay at,when your level 1 balthier and fran join the party at lv2 and basch,penelo and ashe join the party at lv3.the challenge requires a'lor of patience of item farming along with good knowledge about the game,such as early gil methods.

so your probably wondering,how do i go through each area on lv1??

the answer is simple: run!,but when you get your firefly,later in the game(stillshrine of miriam)you'll be able to fight your way though each area.

there is one time in the challenge when you'll need to gain EXP and that is in the barhiem passage.you'll need to kill one battery mimic to get the charge up so that you can get through the gate that blocks the path to the great crystal.

talk about the challenge and any questions about the challenge are welcome,also if you're doing the challenge post you're progress!

At last!The low level challenge/122333.COMPLETED! shok.gif


zeromus,roblon,zalera,exodus,lindwyrm,gil snapper,diabolos and goliath have now all been defeated!!


carrot and wild malboro have both been defeated.I have now made millions of gil using the dark lords method in the stillshrine of Miriam.

ixion defeated!

now this big scary horse wasn't much of a challenge since i had reflect on most of the time but he was a very hard hitter,he did about 2500HP+ damage to me,that's halve my life with bubble belts equiped.

there was one point in the fight where my reflect wore off and straight away he casted thunderga which did 4500HP+damage and wiped out my whole party so i had to switch to my reserves.i used about 45 x-potions.

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post Feb 29 2008, 11:15 AM
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*is currently going through it*

Dx wtf i hate the barheim passage! T___T Vaan levels even if i kill one measly mimic Dx so i pull him out of the party but... the horde of zombies kill us all Dx

Dreadnought Leviathan: Dx i both love and hate vossler

hate: he hits 832402835407285432 times in a row and kills shit...making me level.
love: x3 Meat shield teehee :3

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post Mar 6 2008, 09:43 AM
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how do you get the challenge?

do u have to complete the game and it opens up or something

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post Mar 7 2008, 09:05 AM
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Nope. You do it by yourself.

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