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> Member Profiles!, Post a short paragraph about yourself!
post Apr 7 2004, 10:33 AM
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Group: Members
Posts: 40
Joined: 7-March 04
Member No.: 243

Name:Julian James Mann




Playing video games
Listening to music, Muse, White Stripes
Like playing sports, not really football, or soccer

About me:

In between shy and outgoing, id say the middle. I am a great guy who likes a lot of fun and excitement. Id say that im going on the path of achieving some great grades as i progress through secondary school.
I'm learning guitar and piano, and hope to make and play in a band in the next few years, only a small one.
biggrin.gif wink.gif smile.gif cool.gif tongue.gif

i'm always here for you Mystikal......love you

"Halder, a legend reborn"

*My Family*

sister: Jysbena
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post Apr 7 2004, 12:04 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 25
Joined: 5-April 04
From: Portugal
Member No.: 293

Name: Cláudia
Age: 11, almost 12
Location: Portugal
Ocupation: Student
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Browns
Hobbies: Play video games and computer games; reading, writing and drawing; play with my cats...
Music: Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Koda Kumi,...
Interests: Cats, dogs, boys happy.gif, friends, video games,...

About me:

I'm a good student, I love English. And i love go to forums, because i can meet people.

user posted image
Skorch is my sweet boyfriend
my aunt: Rikku
my sisters: Alive Liquid Yuna and Aeris Ashe Angel
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post Apr 8 2004, 11:48 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 9
Joined: 8-April 04
From: hmm...south western Ontario canada or...lost in a dream of fantasies...
Member No.: 298



Location:Ontario, canada

Hobbies-Playin video games, lik; ff, zelda, SCII etc. and singin, an im gettin an elecrtic guitar 4 meh bday, ya thats all i can think of um o ya i lik makin graphix..((i made this avey and sig by myself!))

Games-Final fantasy, SC, Zelda lik i mentioned earlier

Music: uh i cant listen to reel music cuz mi moms wierd and freakish so i listen to Christian Punk((not Pop punk!)) and heavy

Physical Discription-Im 5ft 41/2" and i have long curly black hair. I wear a lotta baggy clothes i hate nething tight lol.

Why You Joined tht Forums- cuz i wanna learn more bout ff12

user posted image
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post Apr 18 2004, 12:06 PM
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Gathering Blue

Group: Members
Posts: 541
Joined: 18-April 04
From: Rochester, NY
Member No.: 314

Name : Jeremy Pinsonneault
Age: 14 biggrin.gif

Location: Rochester Ny.. (western upstate) USA
Hazel eyes uhm idk what color hair you would say i have.. idk how tall i am.. hmm i seem to be doing well at givinga descripotion of meself.. hmm i hang out with +vaan+ alot.. (in rl) yeah idk bout that nickel thing though.. hehe it wasn't me.. but we do do stupid stuff.. he got me hooked on ddr.. sot thats one of me hobbies.. my biggest is either sewing or gaming though.. hmm i like the ff seris .. but the game i play the most right now is D2:Lod( for those of ya in the know)

uhm i like guys ( so im gay yes ;D) out to most but not me parents and most adults.. all of me friends know

and im single.. well obviouslly.. dont' wanna take teh risk right now of being found out.. its like hide and go seek.. you wanan hide forever until you can't no more.. or you ahve to go to the bathroom wink.gif

for all/most of me favs you can look at my pro.. and yeah

thats me! ;D


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post May 8 2004, 01:28 AM
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Holy Member

Group: Members
Posts: 267
Joined: 7-May 04
From: Gibby Land
Member No.: 342

Mine Mine Mine!!

Name: Angelina Christina Juliana
Age: 12 (13 next June! biggrin.gif )
Location: Groningen, The Netherlands
Hobbies: Making Videos, Photographing, Being a couch Potato, Join Forums (like a sport to me laugh.gif ) playing the Piano (just started.. its almost as easy as typing! happy.gif ) and... I guess running around kicking a ball into a goal!
Games: Final Fantasy 5/6/8/10 (havent gotten X2 yet X_x) and Command and Conquer! XD (Oh how I just love blowing things up)
Music: I'll listen to anything as long as I like it
Ocupation: Currently writing essays for school X_x
About me:
I'm straight forward (although it may seem different sometimes) I'm usually scared of people with Power (Dunno why though..) I'm quite talkative but If I don't know you don't expect a word from me (ghehe.. isnt that mean?) I got an English dad and was raised with English and Dutch (Pain in the butt.. I mix almost every Dutch sentence with English X_x) And I joined because I just was plain bored... the first forum I saw so.. your lucky to have me! ghehe anything else? Hit the PM button! happy.gif

You give a smile as you cover up your heart.
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post May 9 2004, 05:31 PM
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Singing Vincent
Group Icon

Group: Senior Members
Posts: 1831
Joined: 14-April 04
From: Kitties paradise
Member No.: 305

Umm this is mine biggrin.gif
Name: Josephine
Age: 15 (16 this year laugh.gif)
Location: the tropical island, Indonesia biggrin.gif<-- forgive me if my English bad ^^
Hobbies: Playing PS2, drawing and reading
Games: All ff series, Legaia series
Music: Well, I think jazz
Occupation: A student laugh.gif
Physical description: Short black hair, black eyes, 163 cm
About me: Well, I am a shy person. If I do not really know someone, I can ended a silent hour with his/her. But if I've close to a person, I can be really talkaktive laugh.gif
And I joined this forum because FFXII sounds really exciting! biggrin.gif

IPB Image
I forgot how to make sigs =A=;;
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Aeris Ashe Angel
post May 9 2004, 10:39 PM
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Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 77
Joined: 9-May 04
From: USA/PA
Member No.: 348

Name: Megan Nicole(hate it>__<)
Age: 12(too young >__< )
Location: Pa, USA
Hobbies: singing, dancing, beyblading, acting..
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: blue
Music: Fav singers are Avril, Hilart Duff, and Lindsay Lohan
Ocupation: Student
Well i got a bf that is 15, he lives across the sea from me though... i love him with my whole heart, and always wonder how i can open up to him if i don't even know myself...
I go to bbs(beyblade spirit forum) Dark Fanasy, and Ty kamar.. and about one hunderd other sites.. And got about a thousand friends on those sites..
I go to home skool, but might go to public next year..
My favorite characters on final fanasy are Aeris and Ashe..
Well anyways,. i love art, music, gym, english and Math.. I'm in 6th grade..never failed a grade either.. I have my own band.. i'm super annoying, but am totally sweet..
My favorite colors are black and red.. I'm totally not goth though..
I weigh 103 pounds and am 5'2'..I'm ugly(only in my mind though.. everyone says i pretty)i'm going on a diet.. trying to go for 75 pounds.. I hate food..
I'm the oldest of four children.. and that's about me..

O and i'll do anything for my friends.. so don't mess with them..lol.

user posted image
Aeris Angel's Family forum! If you want to join pm me!
My beautiful mother is Summonder Lenne! ^^
My cool dad is +Vaan+
Mycrazy brothers are L3yd3n, Barrot9, and Heavea(<-- Favorite brother! ^__^)
My sweet but hyper sisters are LiNcxZ, Sunset , Maron, and Kat!
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post May 12 2004, 04:03 AM
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Big Boss
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Group: Moderators
Posts: 4097
Joined: 9-May 04
From: Los Angeles, CA
Member No.: 345

Name: ... (if i ever email you, you'll maybe find out wink.gif )
Age: 17
Location: HelLA (Los Angeles)
Ocupation: Student
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Browns
Hobbies: not much
Music: rock, and J-pop (acutally just hikki)
Interests: stuff like this, i guess
About me: i like stuff, and i am a complicted person...just like "dont' wanna take teh risk right now of being found out.. its like hide and go seek.. you wanan hide forever until you can't no more.. or you ahve to go to the bathroom " and that's about it right there...for like tons of things ph34r.gif *hides self*

cool.gif "i never saw you, and you never saw me, got it"

< _<

mgs4 has come and gone... oh how the time flies


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post May 19 2004, 05:04 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 58
Joined: 19-May 04
Member No.: 377

Whoa!, alwaiz wanted to try one of dese!

Name: Leo
Age: 16
Gender: ...HAH GUESS!...
Location: Canada, Edmonton!! (YEA BABEE!)
Eyes: Deep Turquise (dunno how to spell it)
Nationality: Cambodian, Chinese, and Vietnamese!
Ocupation: dunno yet...
Hobbiez: Chillin wit buddiez!
Music (Rave, etc...ykno da good stuff)
And more...
Interests: Mystikal biggrin.gif
About Me: havnt thought of sumthin yet... sad.gif

-I Will Eatchu All Up!- |Ascalon|
user posted image
-Mystikal - My Crazi Naughty Sister! OoOoOoOoOo-
-Maron - My Hyper Niece!-
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post May 21 2004, 02:57 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 17
Joined: 21-May 04
Member No.: 382

Name: Mella
Age: 18
Location: Turlock, CA

Things about me: Well I love to draw, play video games, and write ^-^ My biggest dream is to become a animator or an game character designer. I love to go to Japan one day (next summer i hope tongue.gif) Right now i'm creating my own little story containing my characters and such. I'm a huge FF fan. My first FF game I played was FF8. I loved it to death, until i played FF7, and i loved it even more. I'm really psyche about FF12 and can't wait to play! (me want now!) ^-^

Would you fleas for Spartucus sake, keep the kitchen clean?!
user posted image
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post May 23 2004, 09:07 PM
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Ultimate Member

Group: Members
Posts: 340
Joined: 11-January 04
From: North Carolina, United States
Member No.: 83

Well, let me begin.
Name: No way I'm telling you that!
Bio: Well, I love Final Fantasies(or else I wouldn't be on these forums tongue.gif). I have owned FF's ever since my expirience with FF7. It all begin when I was over my friends's house and I was watching him play FF7. It looked a bit interesting, so when I left his house I walked down the street, went to a video game shop and there it was on the shelf: FF7. And I have been playing them ever since. Other than that, I love riding my bike, playing with my dog, and simply sitting in the house all day when it's raining. I love the rain! It's COLD! And it feels SOOOOOO good.
Enough about me, tell me about you! laugh.gif

user posted image
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post May 24 2004, 08:00 PM
Post #32

Lies and voodoo.
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Group: Senior Members
Posts: 1031
Joined: 22-May 04
From: Montreal
Member No.: 383

My Profile!

*edit* If you want to see my face, go in here!

Name in here : Enayra (My real name is.... HAHAHA YOU WILL NEVER KNOW! tongue.gif... well... PM me to know lol)
Age: 15
Location: Canada, Quebec, Montreal, in my house, in my room, in front of my computer tongue.gif
Ocupation: Student!

Hullo guys!

I'm Enayra, a CRAZY canadian! Yep. I speak french, and that's why I'm not that good in english, lots of errors in my writing bleh tongue.gif I'm 5'4, 114 lbs, brown curly hair, with brown eyes! I'm always smiling and happy! My favorite colors? Yellow and green! biggrin.gif I love it!

Why I'm always happy? --> I'm happy of being alive, I'm happy of being me, I'm happy of everthing. I'm a positive person, nothing is negative. Life is all we need! Life is precious, take care of it, and make your dreams come true when you can, because you never know when the light inside will fade.

My hobbies?... The coolest thing in the world is my kung-fu class biggrin.gif I'm green belt in sen do kung-fu,heh! I love to cheer! (Yes, I'm a cheerleader for my school) I love skiing, I love to dance, sing, acting, hang out with my friends at "La Ronde", talk, making pranks at teachers *coughstupidteacherscough*... well the kind of things any girl would do! smile.gif

I love ALL games! Mostly the Final Fantasy series smile.gif *dreams of Tidus*

For the music, well I'm listening to punk mostly, (and actually I'm kind of punk too heh), ska, rock, J-Pop, techno... Everything!... BUT I HATE RAP! I totally hate it. *throws rap out the window* But if you listen to rap, I have nothing against you! It's your choice you know smile.gif
Ohh and the song Banana Phone changed my life.

Well I think that's enough about me! shok.gif

Don't forget:
Be alive. Be yourself.

IPB Image
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post May 24 2004, 08:29 PM
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Ultimate Member

Group: Members
Posts: 340
Joined: 19-January 04
From: Europe, The Netherland, Malden
Member No.: 110

Well.. Guess it's my turn now..

Name: Well just.. Jaap(check Nickname)
Age: 15
Location: Gelderland, The Netherlands
Ocupation: Student..

Well I'm Jaap (hate that name) I'm a dutch guy so my english isn't that great so don't peek on me with my typing.. I like Square-games so that's why i'm here, I olso love sports.. well to watch sports hehe, and ehm.. Ohyeah, I've got blue eyes and I've got blond hair, Music intrest, ehm I like hardstyle/trance and I olso like a little rock not too havy and i olso like rap/hiphop so acctully I like like olmost everything! the games that I play are currently: FFVIII and KH 2nd time (accedentaly deleted my old one >.<)

Well.. that was a little info about moi!

user posted image
Thanks Ben for the sig and ava!!!

IiNcX.z Iz my brother!
+Vaan+ Iz my other bro!!
Barret09 Iz my Bro too!
BULLET_PROOF_ Iz antoher Bro!
summoner lenne Iz my sister!
Kristina Iz my other sister!
Jysbena Iz my sis too!
Rini Iz my little sister!
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post May 28 2004, 03:46 AM
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Holy Member

Group: Members
Posts: 248
Joined: 28-May 04
Member No.: 396

Meh, I'll introduce a little bit of the reality of me.

Name: Lena
Age: 13 gonig on 14 *hears tune of Sound of Music's: 16 going on 17*
Location:United States but wishing could be different worlds like Ivalice at one time, Rivendell the next, etc., you get the point.

About Me (More): Alright, so I'm about 5'3", 103 llbs. and Korean! Proud of that biggrin.gif I speak Korean and English...and currently learning Spanish. For the biggo list of my interests, check my profile. Mostly, I'm cheerful...but I can be fiery (and stubborn, but very firm in my beliefs) too. I'm weird, and I'm proud of that too. Lots of self-esteem is good for the soul. My most favorite hobby has to writing though -- love writing fanfictions. Just no yaoi or slash...*shudders*

I forgot to add something to my profile that currently I am too lazy to do right now: Music. A big part of my life. I like Pop and R&B the best though...but no rap! That's NOT music.

FF: I LOVE Final Fantasy...who couldn't??? I love almost all of the FF games!

user posted image
Credits to Ben for the cute av and lovely sig to The Black Angel. Thankies!

My lovable and fantastic family! If you want to part of my family, PM me!
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Lady Rydia
post Jun 7 2004, 02:41 AM
Post #35

Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 86
Joined: 6-June 04
From: Mexico
Member No.: 429

Well... I'm next!

Name: Christina
Age: 16
Location: Mexico... (Very proud of being mexican!!!!)

About Me: I'm a VERY VERY shy person! I dislike talking in public... I don't have much confidence in myself.... I'm a very honest person and hate people who think are better than you.....

I have long dark hair and brown eyes, I like writing and drawing (Even though I'm really bad at it)... I love Horror Movies and LOVE FF's (The reason why I'm here), Anime is another thing I like....

I guess that's me......pretty messed up! wink.gif

user posted image


Ok now.... My family....

Mom: Summoner Lenne.

Brother: Pope

My cute little Sisters: Mystikal & Maron

Hope it gets larger! ^^
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summoner lenne
post Jun 7 2004, 03:27 AM
Post #36

The member whom always comes back and dissapears again for a few months, then comes back. *HAS DONE IT LIKE, 7 TIMES*
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Group: Senior Members
Posts: 1009
Joined: 11-January 04
From: California
Member No.: 85

Hey, I haven't done this, so here I go!

Age: 12

Real Name: Sarah

Location: California

Hobbies: Going on here, drawing (...need....a....SCANNER....), reading fanfics, talking with my friends, listening to the radio, watching anime.

Ocuaption: Student, duh.

About me: Well, we all know I'm hyper! I got Misao Makimachi, and for all non RK fans let's just Yuffie then, level of energy. And sometimes I dance around for no reason. I got hazel eyes, so depending on what I wear they can be green, blue, gray, or a combination of those colors.
I got light brown hair which sorta curls at the end and goes down to my chest, (what, it DOES.)

I'm an A student, and well, I scare everyone I meet! Oh ya, and im an internet addict.

Not sure what else to say, I'll edit this if I think of something....

Oh ya! RUROUNI KENSHIN ROCKS, YA GOT THAT!? lol. Oh ya, and I'm a Lenne fan, obvioullsy, GO LENNE!!!

user posted image
Much thankies Ranmaru for making my ava/sig, as always. Really, he's made like.. what, 12 of them or something? Ok, maybe 5...
Click here to see my HUGE family.
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post Jun 7 2004, 04:02 AM
Post #37

So what now?
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Group: Senior Members
Posts: 1093
Joined: 1-June 04
From: Philippines
Member No.: 411

okay!!! my turn now! *remembers tidus saying the line... then shrugs* wink.gif

real name: anthony (let's leave it at that, ok?)
age: just turned 17!
location: philippines!!! (the beaches here are great! and so's the nightlife)
nationality: duh... filipino
hobbies: drawing!!! (i love drawing! it practically covered about 1/2 of my life), going out with friends, net surfing, channel surfing and eating (though i never did get fat)
occupation student

okay, so most of you guys probably think that i'm this weird psycho... well, do you? haha, well maybe i am, maybe i'm not. i don't really know. i'm hyper and very very bubbly! very seldom do i get quiet and settle down -- and people do get shocked when i do that.

ooh... i love listening music! especially the more recent opm's (original pinoy music) they're great! you should try listening to them! other than opm's i love listening to almost anything really, from pop to even rock! (although there are some which i dont really like no matter what)

besides that, i'm this 5'6 guy with wavy black hair that's always messed up, almost black eyes (the iris... not anything else)

and, i'm a very proud filipino -- i just love philippines!!! plus, all my friends and family are here so i'll most probably stay here unless i get accepted by se to work for them *dreams on*

hmm... i'm really running out of ideas now... ahh! i'll just edit this sometime soon...

IPB Image
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post Jun 7 2004, 08:46 AM
Post #38

Ultimate Member

Group: Members
Posts: 470
Joined: 4-June 04
From: Louisiana, USA
Member No.: 419

Name: Eric (real name)

Age: 19

Location: Louisiana, USA

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 112 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown.

Eye Color: Green.

Interests: Anime, Movies, Music, Television, and Video Games.

Occupation: Student, Nicholls State University.

Favorite Musical Artists: Tori Amos, Björk, The Cranberries, Enya, Radiohead, and Damien Rice.

Favorite Color: Red.

Why did I join? Well, the main reason is that I am anticipating Final Fantasy XII with great interest. The other reason is I don't mind talking with other people who are also interested in Final Fantasy XII.

A little more about me:

Well, I've been living in southern Louisiana all my life and haven't really left the state very often. I'm not a very sociable person and would prefer spending time by myself rather than going out with "friends." In fact, being alone is when I am most content. That's how I enjoy all that I do--I do it alone. No one is there to interrupt or complain.

I've recently enrolled in college, and I plan to major in history. Who knows where that will take me?

That's all I can think of to say.

Come to the grace of Heaven's eternal fantasy.
My DVDs ~ MySpace ~ My Video Games
Come to the grace of earthly devoted harmony.
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post Jun 11 2004, 01:47 PM
Post #39


Group: Members
Posts: 55
Joined: 11-June 04
Member No.: 456

my name is oscar i live in england iv only just joined so any tips would be v helpful.

i like all kind of music but the best band in the world is THE FRAMES they rock.
fav artist is NICK HARPER.

one of many fav tv programs is Spaced....ooooooooo.good

im 18 and hope to get to no u all

i will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who attemp to destroy or poison my brothers. and u will no my name is the lord when i lay my vengeance apon thy ..........aaaaarrrrrgh.......
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post Jun 11 2004, 06:02 PM
Post #40

Group Icon

Group: Senior Members
Posts: 2294
Joined: 8-June 04
From: Kansas
Member No.: 439

Name: Jon
Age: 16 [10.17.87]
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150 [lol yea it's heavy but I'm actually in pretty good shape, muscle I assume]
Location: Topeka, Kansas [go KU!]
Ethnicity: Filipino [I'm not really a bald kid from India, lol]
Interests: Tennis, Web Design, Racing Games, FF
Description: Hmm...I joined FFXII.net because the forums that I used to go to only had one FFXII topic, which was made by me, and only one person cared about, which was me. So, I wanted some intelligent discussion on the game, and decided to make my own FFXII site: FF12 illumina. Well, over time that failed and lost funding, so I stopped the account and roamed the Internet for a few more weeks. Then I had this idea to type random FFXII-related URLs into the address bar and see if they were real sites. Sure enough, I found FFXII.net. Registered about 2 months later (lol), and I've been here ever since.

I enjoy any part of design, including web and graphic design, and most of all, pen/pencil artwork. I have basically no experience with Photoshop 7, so I use Macromedia Flash MX for almost everything. In hand-drawn artwork, my speciality is in drawing shiny, new sports cars, but I'm also learning to draw humans and nature to broaden my skills and portfolio for college. Hopefully, after I attend a college in Asia, probably in Japan or the Philippines, I will become an automotive designer.

IPB Image
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