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> Member Profiles!, Post a short paragraph about yourself!
post Jun 11 2004, 09:08 PM
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Royal Member

Group: Members
Posts: 178
Joined: 8-February 04
From: London, England
Member No.: 159

Real name: Hiren
Age: 16
Location: London, England (my name does not sound english because my roots go back to india)

well i love RPG's and video games, mostly ps2 and this is the reason i am hear, very interested in FFxii. my fav type of music is rock but listen to others, my favourite band ofall time is nirvana and my favourite band now is umm i have loads like muse(english band), evenescense and others. right now i am still in school doing stupid boring exams dry.gif apart from FF games i like metal gear, grand theft auto, kingdom hearts, street fighter, dynasty warriors, most other RPG's. well my appearance about 5'8, have brown eyes, short black hair, and i am tanned. i like sports like football i should call that soccer for you americans, rugby whichh is like american football, basketball (only a lil bit). i enjoy watching movies, and tv. into anime. guess thats about it.

user posted image
i want advent children
my mommy is summoner lenne and my dad is +vaan+. my sisters are XxYunaxX, Maron, Mystikal, XDarkDestinyX. My bro's IiNcX.z and L3yd3n. My little nephew Pope. my cousin HondaFoo.
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post Jun 12 2004, 12:35 PM
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Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 130
Joined: 12-June 04
From: Buck's Truck
Member No.: 465

My real name is Ben, and if you want the whole thing its *clears throat* Benjamin Adam Stevens the 2nd (ok not really the 2nd it just sounds better lol). I have been living on this planet now 15 years and my DOB is 5/1/1989 (in the U.K) or 1/5/1989 (in the U.S.).

I live in northwest London and have lived in the same detached house my whole life.

I have two older siblings, an evil demon lord - sorry I mean sister called Sara and a half-brother, Daniel. Sara is 19 and born on Halloween (hence the evil demon lord inside her) and Daniel is 28 and happily married.

My sister and me live at home with our parents (yes I know 19 and she still wonít move out! Hurry up I want your room for my pc!) Who are both in their ďmid-centuriesĒ (again you do the maths).
I (unfortunately) go to school 5 days a week like everyone else and Iím in year 10 (American equivalent of 10th Grade I think) and studying for my GCSEs **shudders** which for any of you who donít know are big big exams you have to take at the age of 16 to get any where in life. Iím taking 9 Ĺ GCSEs and they are: English, English Literature, French, German (2 languages I know, mais je suis un linguist) Biology, Physics I.C.T (an excuse to go online during lessons!), Maths, Geography and R.E.. Whatís that I hear you say, you counted and there are 10? Well mon amigo you are wrong R.E .only counts as half a GCSE, donít ask me why though, I didnít invent the system.

I'm obsessed with FF and have been since I was 11! I love to do everything FF from drawing to making videos, I'll try my hand at everything!

I also love forums so you'll see me around here a lot... maybe!

IPB Image

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post Jun 14 2004, 08:13 AM
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Holy Member

Group: Members
Posts: 277
Joined: 13-June 04
Member No.: 469

Ahhh let me try this x_X

Name: Jen
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Location: California, United States
Interests: Tennis, (haha TSG sis tongue.gif), FF series, Tekken, Anime, Manga
Description: hmms...I joined FFXII.net because I heard about it from sis (SunBabe) and I decided to join. I'm really into the FF series and most games in general. I love to watch anime and read manga as well. I currently live with my Mom, Dad and little brother (who is an evil child btw) until a few months when I move off into a dorm. I'm currently finishing up Year 12(12th grade) where as I only should have to finish my finals for a few more classes and then i'm done with High School Wednesday this week and then it's off to college! I enjoy all kinds of music, mostly rock, hip-hop, and pop lol, but i'm open to anything. I also enjoy making nice graphics, and i'm currently learning how to use photoshop and such happy.gif. I love to write stories and read/write fanfiction. T.V is also a big part of my life! tongue.gif In real life i'm usually shy, although I have my little circle of friends, it's entirely different online. I'm usually hyper, optimistic and friendly (and random)to whomever I talk to and over the past months i've made really cool friends from forums like ffx2.com and such happy.gif well that's it for now I think shok.gif

SunBabe is my ultra special spectacular supercalifragilistic sis and my HAT twin :E o.O Maron is my lil sis
Pope is my cousin Mystikal is my evil cousin who acts like a boy! o.O Nemesis is my bro ||togg|| is my SuPa

DoOoPa SiBlInG L3yd3n is my grandson HondaFoo is my lil bro Sunset is my lil sis
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post Jun 15 2004, 03:04 AM
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Royal Member

Group: Members
Posts: 173
Joined: 12-June 04
From: England (until i win the lotto)
Member No.: 466

well my go i suppose

Name: Martyn
Age: 20 (DOB D/M/Y 09/07/1983)
Height: 6'7"
weight: around 180lbs
Location: England (as if you did not know lol)

Hobbies/interests: FF, sport games, Films (Kill bill and Battle Royale tops at moment), Books (Again Battle Royale tops) anime and last and most importantly FOOTBALL (soccer)

A brief Description: Well My real name is Martyn i am 20 (21 next month) and i live with my wife Sarah. We are soon to be parents and the baby is due early october. I live in England (UK) but really not 100% keen on the place (rubbish weather and waiting ages for games and films)

Well i enjoy video games, Reading books (if they interest me) watching films and most importantly FOOTBALL (soccer to some of you). I play for my local team and play either on the wings or attacking midfield and unlike any of the english football team i am naturaly left footed (Hey Sven look i am the solution to englands probs hehe) I ALSO SUPPORT LFC who are in the english premier league.

Oh and i Hate Disney hehe

oh and why am i here i guess for info on ff12 and to have a laugh with you lot

well thats all i guess ttyl

oh and a big Shout out goes to Jen (Trinity), Kels(sunbabe) and Juju(Sunset) you three are Great stay that way k luv ya all tongue.gif

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post Jun 17 2004, 12:53 PM
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Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 100
Joined: 17-June 04
From: Chantilly, Virginia
Member No.: 489

Name: Jared
Age: 16...almost 17 though.
Height: 6'1"
Gender: Male
weight: 180lbs(although I am gunna get it down to 170!)
Location: Virginia, USA

Hobbies/interests: FF, Sports(kinda), Movies, Gaming, Watching anime/manga, working out, and flirting lol.

A brief Description: I'm just a big ol' kid pretty much. I live with my dad and his girlfriend in Chantilly, VA. I goto school(which is almost out), I hang with friends, and come online to talk to my other friends. I have a cute beagle/basset dog named Jessie and a mini shelty(sp?) named Gus. Hmm...that's about it. And, oh yeah, I'm gunna get my picture on the picture thread sometime so keep your eyes peeled!

user posted image
Mystikal and Maron are my sisters!
Ceres is my aunt!
Summoner lenne is my mom that is younger than me!
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Alive Liquid Yuna
post Jun 17 2004, 11:38 PM
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Royal Member

Group: Members
Posts: 186
Joined: 16-June 04
Member No.: 481

Name: Sarah
Location: Um...a place.
Age: 18
Height: 5'5" (I rounded up 1/4 of an inch, though)
Weight: I'll tell you once I'm off my diet.
Hobbies: Drawing, Video games (especially RPGs and Super Smash Bros), replaying the scene in The Sorcerer's Stone where Oliver Wood teaches Harry how to play Quidditch over and over again, and being lazy.

Why I joined the forums: I'm on ffx2.com all the time, and some of my friends were also going on here too, so I decided, why not? I actually came on so that I could talk to other people, though, because it gets boring when you talk to the same people about the same stuff continually. And also, I can't wait for FF12 to come out, so this is a good place to get a lot of info on it as well.

user posted image
Ranmaru is my lover!Pope is my dad!Summoner Lenne is my mom! Ceres, "Ashe" and Enayra are my sisters!L3d3n is my brother!
Phurdonk and Mr. Wonderful are my uncles! Sunset is my auntie! Barret09 is my older cousin! I stole his cat!
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post Jun 19 2004, 05:51 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 41
Joined: 10-June 04
Member No.: 454

Name: John

Location: Washington D.C. for the summer (Rockville Maryland actually for NIH internship.) Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Physical Discription: Black Hair, brown eyes. (theres a picture in the "Post your pic" section)

Funny Story: My first day at the lab in Maryland I rented the office car for about an hour to make the 20 minute drive to NIH main campus in Bethesda. 3 hours later I find myself in Virginia. Pretty bad when a simple 20 minute trip can take you across 3 states. I passed the washinton monument, pentagon, CIA headquarters, China town, German town, and went through 2 states to get to a campus 20 minutes away. wha?..not funny? well I guess you had to be there..6 hours..in the fri%@in car.

Other Interests: Right now my main hobby is running. I'm new in Rockville so if any of you live near by, lets go to a movie because I hate going to them alone.

Why You Joined the Forums: I'm a roleplaying fanatic. Actually I probably just enjoy being someone else for a while.

This post has been edited by Zeil: Jun 21 2004, 05:30 PM
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post Jun 22 2004, 08:53 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 42
Joined: 20-June 04
From: Canada
Member No.: 500

Name: Melanie
Age: 17
Location: Ont, Canada

Hobbies: Draw/sketch/paint/doodle, read manga, play v-games, listening to music volleyball, badminton, hanging out with friends, annoying my brothers, and I love sweets!

Games: I love RPGs, racing, puzzle, music, fighting and alot of other kinds!

Music: I listen to anything in any language..cept country! XO

Physical Discription: 4'11, brown eyes, dark hair, brown skin? XD

Other Interests: I like spiders do you?

Why You Joined tht Forums: Cuz FFXII is beautiful...

This post has been edited by cloverbell: Jun 22 2004, 08:53 PM

user posted image
"dokidoki Love Sugar kimi no heart
chotto misete sugoku lovely
ukiuki my honey
happi~ love! rakki~ love!"

Journal ---> http://www.geocities.com/blitzball_girl
DeviantART ---> http://cloverbell.deviantart.com
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post Jun 25 2004, 05:36 PM
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Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 140
Joined: 6-January 04
From: Sin City
Member No.: 27

Name: Paola
Age: 15
Location: Sin city
Hobbies: Draw,watch a movie, hand out with friends
Games: I love every kind of games, my favorites are RE,SH,FF,and soul calibur
Music: I prefer rock and techno
Physical description: 5'9, very dark brown eyes
Other Interest: I like to play dodgeball

I joined the forums because I just wanted to be in other .net fprums and I wanted to know more about ffxii.

user posted image
There is no justice without sin.
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post Jun 30 2004, 09:46 AM
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Group: Members
Posts: 962
Joined: 17-April 04
Member No.: 309

ups im late to post in here tongue.gif

Name: A liung (my mandarin name wink.gif )
Ethnicity: Chinesse
Age :16
Height: 165 cm
weight: 53 kg
Location: jakarta
Hobbies: make a sig/avi, sleep, read a book, hang out with friends rolleyes.gif
Games: Luv RPG games (especially FF), may fav is FF, Legaia series, Suikoden series, star ocean series, xenosaga series, Wild arms series, etc
Music: i like all type of songs, but i like most instrumental songs laugh.gif
Physical description: white skin, dark brown eyes, dark hair

i joined the forums coz of:
1. a bit boring in my prev forums
2. Maron asked me to join this forums
3. one of my hobby to posting in FF forums rolleyes.gif

user posted image

"wew im in big trouble on my study so don't think im dead ya? >_<"
Summoner lenne is my pretty mom XD,Maron,celestial wings ,sunset, Aeris Ashe Angel , Shiva , XxYunaxX, Enayra , Lady_Yuna_FFX ,Rikku is my sis, im naughty moomba and my master is Rhea,but i have moomba too his name is zeus
-G-G-, Barret is my triplets bro,Fallen Sora is my step bro, Aly is my incredibly gorgeous scathingly beautiful sister,*Impossible*,Eric is my cousin, My sicko pop is +Vaan+ ^^, liNcX.z is my big bro,Senrir is my sicko bro, Trinity is my great grandma ^^V,Mystikal, Jupiter ,XDarkDestinyX is my sicko sis,Shinra,Pope, Phurdonk , Cloud , togg , Mr.wonderful , Vierasareforever, Hevrae is my bro,Sunset, darlina , Ceres is my lil sis ^^
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post Jul 4 2004, 05:09 PM
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Royal Member

Group: Members
Posts: 177
Joined: 12-June 04
Member No.: 463

Name : Icha
Age : 16
Weight : 165 cm
Height : 49 kg
Bestfriend : Josephine (Maroon)

I join this forums because i would to makes many kind of friends from the other state

This post has been edited by Darlina: Jul 4 2004, 05:12 PM

user posted image
Thanks for Maron to make my great ava and siggy
Summoner lenne is my beautiful mum!
Maron is my lovely child who loves her brother so much(Brother complex)
Enayra is my Canadian big sis
Manapheonix and Eric are my lovely uncle
Mystikal my awesome bigger sis!
Hevrae Jeskwyn Pope and Orsa are my big bro
Ceres and Ilya are my bestfriends
And now,i got a new nephew named Barret09
Noasumi is my awesome niece
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post Jul 8 2004, 03:45 PM
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Canela e Mazag„o
Group Icon

Group: Senior Members
Posts: 3071
Joined: 6-June 04
From: Pokťball
Member No.: 431

well i iīm hevrae....uhm dry.gif

Name: Andrť
Age: 14
Location: in my room, Anadia, portugal
Hobbies: uhm, reading, net (always)
STyle: none, i use what i got, (lol)
Height: 1,80 m
Weight: ph34r.gif , (.....fat.....)
Physical description: curly hair, white skin (bronze), brown eyes, huge me! smile.gif , tall, Get it?, bedoing, forget dry.gif ,

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post Jul 16 2004, 03:33 PM
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Group: Members
Posts: 6
Joined: 16-July 04
From: See that bin...
Member No.: 593

Name: Tom
Location: See that bin.....
Age: 14
Height: 5'9"
Hobbies: Handball is my MAJOR hobby. I'm an internationalist, so this takes up most of my time
Rping is great, eating is great, * I aint fat by the way*

Why I joined the forums: I used to go to FFX2.net, but left there due to a few members constantly annoying me. Thought I'd come to this place to see what was going on. happy.gif
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post Jul 22 2004, 08:52 PM
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Advanced Member

Group: Members
Posts: 88
Joined: 22-July 04
Member No.: 612

Name: Mendel
Crib: Reading, PA
Age: 17
Height: 5'3.............(sigh)..............
Weight: 125 lbs
Special Features: almost 6 pack-abs...............................nice bud
Hobbies: Drawing, Videogames, Intenet, Basketball, and Football...........im nice

Description: Well im 5'3........short for my age....maybe its because im originally from Philippines, all of us there aint that tall...................................well.....i've lived to alot of places from CA, MA, VA to PA

Why i joined: Im a fan and pretty curious

user posted image
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post Aug 5 2004, 02:24 AM
Post #55


Group: Members
Posts: 21
Joined: 2-August 04
From: Chicago, United States
Member No.: 641

Name: My last name is Vann hah laugh.gif pronounced the same as Vaan
Ethnicity: Chinese
Age: 15
Height: 165 cm (5'5")
Weight: 57 kg (125 lbs.)
Location: Chicago, United States

I play a lot of streetball. i play mostly RPG, adventture, and platformers. I mostly listen to Asian music (C/J/K pop). the only western music i listen to is R&B. I don't really like rock that much.
I have tan skin kinda like Tidus. with nice six pack biggrin.gif black hair, light brown eyes. I love Gap, Nautica. smile.gif
I can speak English, some Khmer, some Japanese. I can read/write English, Japanese, some Korean. Oh yeah, I'm Buddhist smile.gif

Joined these forums cause it's the best FFXII forums

user posted image
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post Aug 5 2004, 02:52 AM
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Group: Members
Posts: 650
Joined: 11-March 04
Member No.: 252

Name: Christina or Chris
Location: Inside your mind...dancing with the bunnies in there
Enthic - 100% Chinese
Age: 15 1/2
Weight: 110lbs
Hobbies: I love to play DDR, I love every single FF...uhh..and any thing that keeps me amused..?

My looks - Uhh...I'm short? Black hair...I like to wear my hair in pigtails? @.@ Just look for my pic..it's posted up..I think. XD


IPB Image
~*~Formly Known As XDarkDestinyX~*~
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post Aug 6 2004, 02:04 PM
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The Captain
Group Icon

Group: Moderators
Posts: 3118
Joined: 5-August 04
From: Sheffield, England
Member No.: 646

Name: Nick. We'll just leave it at that.
Age: 17
Location: A big village near a town in West Yorkshire... ENGLAND!
Physical: just tipping 6', about 12 stone (well it depends on how much i go to the gym - my normal weight seems to be about 12 stone, but if i pig out for a while i can go up to about 14 stone!) Blonde hair that's going quite dark. Weird screwed up eyes that dont seem to be any colour at all really.
Pastimes: Aha... this is going to be interesting.

My main past time at the moment is going on my drunken adventures. I have these friends you see, and our parents all seem to think we should be out socialising all the time so they seem to be less caring about wether we come in at 4 in the morning drunk as a fart.

I been playing ff since FF7 (which i have for both PC and PS), since when i've got VIII, IX, X, TA and recently i got VI on PS. I've also played KH. My other gaming interests are Championship Manager (the mose addictive game ever), Doom/Quake, and sports games.

The damnation of Faust. Man sells his soul to the devil. All ends in tears, these arrangements usually do.
Married to my MUCH LOVED Drunken Pirating Wench Michiko
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post Aug 8 2004, 05:50 AM
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Group: Members
Posts: 8
Joined: 8-August 04
From: California!
Member No.: 657

And here's me!

Name: Riku. Don't ask its a nickname.
Age: 14
sex: Female
Location: California, baby!
Hobbies: Drawin, spacin out, writing, spending my life on video games....and watching like tons of anime and manga....ye get the idea. Oh yeah and spending HOURS on the internet at FF sites chattin' with ppl and drooling over Kadaj....... wub.gif
Physical: Im 5'7", long blonde hair...and my eyes, I really have no idea about that...they're either blue or bluish gray...I should check again. Im pretty nice but on the internet I can mad easily, do to many experiences with imposters taking my friends' names on FF sites. But other than that I like helpin ppl but also like to argue...weird eh?

Oh and shoulda said before, I stink at bios...as u noticed. smile.gif
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post Aug 8 2004, 04:44 PM
Post #59

.:{Don't Rain On Me}:.

Group: Members
Posts: 759
Joined: 25-July 04
From: A broken forest.
Member No.: 616

Name: Camilla(My future name! XD;)
Age: 13 turning 14
Sex: Female
Location:....Not telling
Hobbies: Computer, PS2, Making fun of people(Certain people), RPGing and stuff...
Physical: Short Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Er...I don't really know how tall I am...XD; And a girl never reveals her weight...=/
Why I joined: Well, my friend Aeris Ashe Angel was here, and cuz FFXII.net was a pretty cool site! XD;

IPB Image
The darkness I am drowning in, is the shadow that is created by your light.
Silentaura〜♥ キャッツ
Kiss me as brutally as you like.

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post Aug 10 2004, 03:50 PM
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Elite Member

Group: Members
Posts: 138
Joined: 3-March 04
Member No.: 227

Name: Ellene pronounced el-len
Age: 13
Height: 4'11
Eye Color: dark brown
Hair Color: brown/black
Nationality: Hmong= Asian

Hobbies: play videogames, watch anime, draw, go on the computer, read

Music: I like Rock, Pop, and Classic. Favorites are: Evanescene, NickelBack, Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park, Japanese: Do As Infinity, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, Maya Sakamoto, Ayumi Hamasaki, See-Saw

Favorite Game: Anything RPG <if they're good, especially from Square-Enix.

Why I joined?: Saw the advertisement on FFX2 NET. Wanted to know more about FFXII anyway, so why not joined?

This post has been edited by Lady_Yuna_FFX: Aug 10 2004, 03:52 PM
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