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Full Version: Last One to Post Wins!
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Gold Chocobo
Haha! If no one post after this I win! I win! Nah nah! biggrin.gif tongue.gif
definatly pointless

oh BTW, i win
I love this game!

It's the only game I ever stand a chance at winning!

I WIN! *fireworks go off in celebration, as fat_moogle parades around the winners podium*
ugh... again?? O_o
It seems that Swordsman is startled at the prospect of yet [ANOTHER] Last One To Post Wins game!

I'M STILL WINNING! *champagne bursts all over fat_moogle, as fellow participants, green with envy, foam at the mouth - astonished with yet another win by fat_moogle*
...sure. lol.

No one beats Steiner. Obviously, hes the best. Fat_moogle provides no competition at all. biggrin.gif

Oh yeah, by the way, someone spiked your champagne.

*fat_moogle begins to feel faint after the spiked champagne---he sways from side to side---Steiner looks so happy, BUT---suddenly, fat_moogle collapses [GASP!] onto an unsuspecting Steiner. fat_moogle is SOO fat that he crushes Steiner almost immediately under his immense flab!

Double K.O!

But--reassuringly, fat_moogle stumbles to his feet, megaphone in hand, yelling---you guessed it---I WIN!

Fat_moogle provides no competition at all

You were saying? tongue.gif laugh.gif
But fat_moogle had no idea how strong Steiner's rusty armour was. After years of leaving his armour on unpolished, the rust formed an incredibly dense and inpenetrable layer, which even the weight of fat_moogle could not crush.

Fat_moogle, assuming victory, shouts through his microphone, but one magnificent sweep from the rising Steiner fells him and his fat body. Unable to rise due to his atrocious weight, fat_moogle loses. And Steiner wins!


You were saying?

EAT THAT FAT_MOOGLE!!! biggrin.gif

Travis Justin
while steiner and FM fight amongst themselves TJ quickly swoops in, fells them both and assumes his position as the real winner.

[Insert WTF-ness here]

ugh... again?? O_o
Exactly. But w/e. I'll let it loose. Carry on with the fun guys, disregard this post! -runs-

Yes, good. I don't know wh ythe other one was lock, ITS CALLED SPAM WALL FOR A REASON. WE COULD SHIT POSTS IF WE WANTED TOO IN HERE.

Edit: I win!
Travis Justin
QUOTE(X-Master @ Jan 30 2007, 07:17 PM) *


Yes, good. I don't know wh ythe other one was lock, ITS CALLED SPAM WALL FOR A REASON. WE COULD SHIT POSTS IF WE WANTED TOO IN HERE.

I don't know wh ythe other one was lock
Yeah, I know, that's why I decided to set this one loose. wink.gif

Btw, I win!
Travis Justin
wtf, no you don't, neither of you do.


Because I do.....

Now lock this one laugh.gif
Now lock this one
Oh! Make me.
Travis Justin
No no no, see, you're trying to steal my win from me...

That just can't be allowed tongue.gif

Now no more posting from you, you just lock this thread so that I and I alone win. laugh.gif
Kupo nut
You all are losers.

Because I posted last! tongue.gif
Travis Justin
Nope, wrong again
Kupo nut
How so?
Travis Justin
Gold Chocobo
*pushes Travis out of the winner's circle* Once again I have won...If this topic were to be closed now it would not displease me (laughs: "hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo") n_n
Travis Justin
*smacks GC with a baseball bat*


Gold Chocobo
-gose flying from the hit-

But thats ok, I'm still the winna!
Guess who's back?

SPOILER: Steiner. I win!
Travis Justin
gtfo I thought I told you guys that I already won this shit.

*grabs his trusty steel bat*

Do I need to use this???

But dont you make me use my sword. Ill only give one warning.
Travis Justin
*smacks steiner in the head knocking him out*

*While steiner lays there I steal his crappy sword snap the blade and bury it*

Now I told you bitches to gtfo...
*Steiner rises and upper cuts TJ.*

Nice try Hockey boy.

But NEVER mess with Steiner

Got it?

Now leave the victor in peace, loser.
Travis Justin
*gets up, uncovers steiners broken sword, welds it back together, and cuts steiners head off with his own sword*

Recover from that ya little shit
"REVENGE!" Shouts fat_moogle

Noticing Steiner's decapitated head on the floor, fat_moogle celebrates!

"YEEY!" He shouts, whilst pulling out bits of rust from his flab

fat_moogle kicks the head into a near by river, and pulls the plug.

"Bye Steiner!"

Steiner's head swirls down the whirlpool in the river, whilst his lifeless torso remains on dry land.

However, what TJ cut off was not Steiner's head, but his steel helmet. Steiner, having spotted the swinging sword, ducked his head below into his armour. As his helmet was cut off, fell on the floorand TJ gloated, Steiner swung round viciously and bodyslammed TJ onto a wall of spikes (which just happened to be there.)

Then Steiner, recollecting his newly reforged sword (thanks to TJ), celebrated his marvelous victory. cool.gif

EDIT: He also head butts the nearby Fat_moogle, whos momentum carries him into the nearby stream (containing his own helmet), where he is washed away.
Travis Justin
Not noticing that TJ slipped quitely behind Fat_Moogle Steiner in fact push Fat_moogle into the wall of spikes...

While Steiner celebrates his false victory I sneak up behind and put a fearsome choke hold on him

"go to sleep hoe"
Steiner kicks TJ back into the wall of spikes and spits over his DEAD carcass.

Steiner is left alive and alone. The sole winner.
Travis Justin
*Before TJ can die he throws a fenix down into the air fully reviving him*

*He then trips Steiner to the ground and throws fat's body ontop of him, crushing steiner once again under the immense weight of the Fat_Moogle*
"Argh your all ganging up on me!" Blubs fat_moogle from the depths of the river


fat_moogle somehow manages to get out of the water, be him a little concussed.

"HOW DARE YOU! CHOCKED AND HEADBUTTED INTO A RIVER!" fat_moogle jumps into the air, and lands back down onto the ground with such force that it causes a earthquake of 7.0 on the rictor scale. Steiner and TJ fall down a nearby crack in the ground, while fat_moogle, too fat to fall down the hole, drinks pinocolada in the hot summer sun smile.gif


EDIT: Im so confused!

fat_moogle's skin is so thick, thanks to fatness, that the wall of spikes does nothing
However, he spells phoenix down incorrectly, making it only 'fenix down', which is also a well-known poison. This further kills TJ. He is Overkilled.

Travis Justin
Sitting at the bottom of the hole TJ purposes a union to steiner to defeat the fat moogle

(as for the spelling, depends on what ff you're playing unknw.gif and now I'm confused as to where everyone is at??)
Me too.

Anyway, Steiner accepts TJ's truce and they attempt to work out a plan.
fat_moogle overhears the conversation and starts to panic


fat_moogle casts "Jump", to get him out of the tight hole.

He stays in the air until safe to come down.

[Cowardly win!]
Travis Justin
TJ proposes we develop a weight reduction spell as Fat Moogles power seems to be derived from his immense weight.

until then, I WIN
Meanwhile, Steiner realises that he can haul himself out of trouble using his sword. He sticks it into the earth and begins his ascent. Too bad TJ (who has finished casting his weight reduction spell)

TJ is left at the bottom alone.
Fat_Moogle is falling FAST.
Travis Justin
Tj begins to quickly scramble up the hole before the now-skinny-fat-moogle can fall on top of him.

"Oh no, whats happening!"

fat_moogle is falling so fast, that he turns into a flaming fireball!

It heads directly towards Steiner...


Steiner is left unconscious, flattened and burnt to a crisp.

fat_moogle is temporarily outcold.

EDIT: Ok, Im skinny then lol. Steiner was flattened by a skinny moogle.
Travis Justin
Tj finally emerges from the hole, scopes out the burnt wreckage, and declares himself winer by default.

"EDIT: Ok, Im skinny then lol. Steiner was flattened by a skinny moogle."

Stranger things have happened...
Steiner starts to fill the hole with sand. Using help from the villagers of Cleyra. - They know their business. It looks like TJ aint gonna make it.
Steiner is gonna win.

Suddenly he is hit by a fireball. With his last gasp he calls. 'Mmm...mmm.' Quina appears. 'Not you, there aint no food'. I meant 'mmm...mmm...master Vivi.'

Vivi arrives and douses the flame with the water spell.

Then he gets an idea. 'Quina he says' 'Big Fat_moogle, you EAT.'
Quina starts munchin (having scared off the cowardly TJ)

- Also, I assume that fat_moogle has reinflated himself.
"NOO GET OFF ME!" fat_moogle cries in pain


Suddenly, Princess Garnet comes along, and feeling sorry for the fat_moogle, attacks Steiner, her trusty bodyguard, and Quina, the trusty he/she/it with her stick thing [forgot the name]

fat_moogle wins!
Travis Justin
-fat moogle now fat again, gotcha... lol

What steiner doesn't know is that TJ wasn't running from fear, he was going to retrieve his own FF army.

TJ returns with Auron, Vincent and Yuna in tow. Who then take out Steiner little helpers. Yuna summons Anima to take out anyone left over.

Since TJ no longer needs there assistance he dismisses them all. Leaving himself and a burnt up previously-skinny-now-fat-fat-moogle.
Leaving himself and a burnt up previously-skinny-now-fat-fat-moogle.

Does that mean I'm saved?

Burnt up previously-skinny-now-fat_moogle is so confused, that he doesn't know whether to laught or cry

[he decides to cry- - - maybe people will sympothise...anyone? rolleyes.gif ]

Garnet walks over to fat_moogle and casts Curaga, restoring him to previous health...fat, filled with cholestorol and clotted veins.

fat_moogle vows to take over the world *plots mennacingly*

"TJ, will you help me?" He asks timidly
Travis Justin
Nope I just left you so I could do this

*puts Fat_Moogle on a diet*

fat_moogle is filled with rage

"WHAT?" *fat_moogle scraps plans to dominate the world and plans on ridding the world of TJ once and for all!*

fat_moogle summons fat chocobo to help with the evil plans


"KWEH!" Says fat chocobo [fat chocobo is happy with the evil plan...which is odd, because even I dont know the plan yet!]

"Now, now, now..." Says fat_moogle, whilst sipping on Slimfast "...where shall I begin?"
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