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Full Version: Some Non-FF Work
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Balthier's Girl
I was encouraged to post some of my other works, so here they are happy.gif:

IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image
IPB Image

Sorry for the HUGE post!! laugh.gif
Travis Justin
Really nice, I really like the second one.

(you should probably post links to some of them though since they stretch the page)

Ohh and the third one, it's very pretty. You definitely have some really awesome talent.
The color shading is done nicely. Clean lines and such. Good work, you have a unique style. ^^b

Are you on DA? You should be. =p
They are all so nice : D
The only complant is I think the eyes are too low on there faces but that might be your style ^^
I really like the 3rd one!!
Anarloth Bunansa
Waw ! My favorite is the first ! smile.gif

(Then we can post non-FF works ? I've created some arrworks too, but about LOTR, among others...)
The line art is clean and the use of heavy strokes is implemented quite nicely, especially on the third one. Nice job.
Balthier's Girl
Thanks guys!

@ -josh-: Actually, the low eyes really is my style. I find it varies depending on the piece. I was just commenting last night when I was trying to draw Balthier that crappy Sailor Moon has ensured that I will never understand how to draw small eyes ever again! laugh.gif
Anarloth Bunansa
Sorry to ask again IPB Image but... everybody can post draws on another theme than FF ?

And sorry for silly question IPB ImageIPB ImageIPB Image
Balthier's Girl
I don't see any reason why not. Just post them, it's an Arts & Graphics forum, not a Final Fantasy ONLY Arts & Graphics forum. Go for it! happy.gif
Anarloth Bunansa
Ok... I have to upload my works... And to takes some photographs... Some works are large-framed... Too much to be scanned...
And I haven't the digital camera... it's at home !
youre really talented...i liked the first one..but all of them are really beautiful
Balthier's Girl

Wow. Eden (the first one) seems to be the most popular. She's the oldest of the few. I drew that one in 1999.
Wow! Good job there smile.gif

I really love your style! its so different from what im used to see ohmy.gif

I love the eyes on the 3rd one. Amazing smile.gif
Balthier's Girl
Again, thank you!

I guess my style comes from trying to mimic the style of others. I first started drawing when I was twelve. Sailor Moon had just come to Canada and I thought to myself, damn, I wanna draw like that. And that was it. Just watching Sailor Moon every day and drawing the Sailor Scouts over and over and over again! Although, I think watching that much Sailor Moon has given me a complex. (I was Sailor Jupiter for Halloween... once when I was 12 and again when I was 20! laugh.gif)
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