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Full Version: FF XII Revenant Wings to release at the 26. April 2007
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Hey there.

Todays FF XII Revenant Wings news:

- the game is set for a release at the 26. April 2007 in Japan (I guess chances are good for a 2007 release in US)
- only costs 5.040 Yen (in comparison, the FF I & II Remake for GBA costs 5.800 Yen)

Plus there are three new Jump scans, unfortunately in bad qualty. But they're revealing Ifrit (at least this is what Jeux France say).

If its out soon in japan that means reviews and lots more info o^^o
Anyway I cant wait to see more!!
Cows are my friends
i think they mean belias... mm ok
anyway thanks
AWWW CRAP, I wished this was NA, because its two days before my b-day, and one year for AC..I think.
Are those CG art of Fran and Balthier I see? It's not very clear but thanks for the sharing Prevailer!!
Wow, cool. If I had a DS, I would be psyched right now. smile.gif
slightly better scans of Balthier,Fran and Ifrit.

IPB Image

IPB Image
Oh neato! Its coming up sooner then I thought!
Cows are my friends
mmm that doesnt look like belias, so... it really was ifrit, but what happened to belias???
Thanks o^^o

fran and balthier are probbaly bigger then we thought >_>

anywho I dont that is ifrit.. maybe just a compltely new summon
Wow, that's really soon. The US may see a late summer/early Fall release, if we're lucky.

I'm so psyched for this game.
Wow.It certainly is coming to Japan sooner then I thought.And That Means The US date can't be too far away. tongue.gif
Ethereal Blade
QUOTE(-josh- @ Feb 9 2007, 02:35 AM) *

fran and balthier are probbaly bigger then we thought >_>

Well I hope so!

So, an April release for Japan... I also have to say that's sooner than I had expected. Perhaps the US will see it late summer/early fall like Iselyn said... unless it gets delayed of course. Hopefully not.
So I guess we won't be waiting forever to play this game after all. That's nice. Balthier on that scan looks so not right though...
nice video biggrin.gif
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