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Maiden of Rabanastre

These are some samples of the recent drawing technique I've taken to. It's not much of a major change from my older style, but there are slight differences in the facial features (i.e. noses, eyes, chins). As you can see, they are the three main characters of the Harry Potter series, Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Harry: I liked this one in particular because I managed to get the facial angle nearly perfect. Everything else was fine too, I think, except for the lightness of his hair at the top. I should've sketched it a little darker. I purposefully left his scar out because I planned to go back and paint it in with the software I got for Christmas. Other than that, I was quite satisfied with the turnout. I think he looks somewhat like the actual actor.

Hermione: This one I did first, and so inevitably, it is not as good as the others. I must've erased and re-sketched the facial angles a thousand times and they still aren't right. I suppose that's because I drew the smile slightly askew. I liked her teeth though. I tried to make them as Hermione-esque as possible without making her look like a beaver. The expression is very bubbly as well, and captures the essense of her character. However, I should have taken more care in drawing the waves of her hair, or better yet, just drawn none at all, but oh well. Live and learn, I guess.

Ron: This sketch I wasn't so sure about. I was worried whether or not his face would come out looking disporportionate because I made the eyes beady and the nose large. It is very much what I think Ron would look like -- nerdy and most definately a Weasley -- so I was satisfied to that extent. It turned out okay. Again, certain facial features, like freckles, weren't added because I plan to go back and add them in color. It should be an interesting project altogether.

Comments and Critiques are most welcome. wink.gif
Balthier's Girl
Aw, Harry looks so CUTE!!

Great work! I assume you will be colouring them, then? I can't wait to see the final product!!
That's an interesting drawing technique you have I haven't seen that kind of style much. Although, i do find the drawings of the noses a bit wierd cus i'm used to seeing them shaded. Overall it's pretty good though, i like the ron drawing the best.
Maiden of Rabanastre
Thank you! And yes, I do plan on coloring them. I'm at work on Hermione as we speak.
I liked all of them, especially Ron. Only two real critques.

1) Ron doesn't have freckles *gasp*
2) Harry's face is too thin/feminine, Daniel Radclife had a rounder face if I remember correctly
Maiden of Rabanastre
Cheeky, me and you are cool and everything, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to correct you and say that Ron DOES have freckles. tongue.gif If you've read Order of the Phoenix, then you can refer to the moment in St. Mungo's Hospital when Ron walks by a picture of a doctor who thinks he has some kind of deadly disease because he mistakes Ron's freckles for some kind of pox. He even exclaims "THEY'RE FRECKLES." biggrin.gif So there. beee.gif I've evidence to back myself. laugh.gif HUZZAH!

On the other hand, I do think you are right. Harry's face is a bit feminine, so I shall go back and fix that. wink.gif ...Perhaps I made him a little too good looking, eh?

Anyway, here's another one I did today of Luna. I will also be coloring it, and eventually, this will probably turn out to be one big massive Harry Potter character frenzy. It's given me lots of inspiration lately.
I meant the pic had no freckles shok.gif

So hurt now *cry*
Maiden of Rabanastre
ZOmigod! Sorry! I thought you were criticizing my picture... I feel like a four-letter-word now... SORRY!
I really like the picture of Luna, but all of them are very well done. happy.gif Good job!
Ethereal Blade
There's something about the style that I really like; very nice Maiden of Rabanstre! biggrin.gif

I'm not sure which one I like best... probably either the Luna or Ron one.

btw: I like you avatar/sig (and I thought I was the only one who liked that game smile.gif ).
Its awesome that you have your own style and really clean lines. I really can't stand messy lines. These are seriously really very very very neat. =D You've already critiqued them a lot. The only thing I can say is that Ron's eyes look alien to me. But, thats just a personal opinion. Theres nothing wrong with them. :3
Maiden of Rabanastre
Thanks for the kind words, you guys! And just for that, here's a few laughs for you. Keep in mind these strips aren't made for glamour, but for the humor and sheer ridiculousness of them.

p.s. Sorry for the poor quality of the scan. If you have any trouble reading anything, let me know and I'll be glad to interpret.
Haha, people are making such a huge deal out of that. If he has the composure to do that in front of hundreds of people, I give him respect. Everyone is blowing it out of proportion so much.

You are too hard on yourself too, don't have to have arrows pointing to pictures saying "poor rendering" lol. Those are all good!
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