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Full Version: FF XII Revenant Wings - Video Countdown
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Hi there!

The official website has been update with one more new gameplay video. Now there are three videos. One from the Jump Festa, one from last week and one from this week. From now one, one gameplay video will be released at the official website for each week! Great smile.gif

Official FF 12 RW Website:

You have to visit the "Downloads" Sektion for viewing the videos. The new one is titled "ABF", which is related to the FF 12 RW battlesystem: Active Battle Force (what ever it means).

Besides, there are two new Famitsu scans with some new screenshots (for example Ifrit in action):

But the new video is far more interesting smile.gif

Lets make this the "Video Countdown" Hype Thread. Everyone can post the new video for each week, if its out.
Thanks for these!

REally looking foward to this game.. Though I still think the battle system looks confusing.. I WANT TO KNOW HOW IT WORKS XD

nice trailer.. You have alot of allies in this game *summons*
Thanks for the info smile.gif

Everything about RW looks really cute tongue.gif

I can't wait to see the cute version of Basch <3
Thanks for the links! Now I have to break down and buy a DS. I keep getting more and more excited about this game! smile.gif
Thanks for the info, I only know the updated two new trailers but I didn't know they'll be updating every week.

I wonder if I could get the Sky Pirate Edition DS... doubt they'll sell it in my country... (-.-;;;)
New (third) trailer availabe NOW! Plus tons of new screens and artworks:

- control an airship
- walk on the worldmap
- balthier, fran and nono revealed (site)
Thanks for the update, Prevailer.

Oh my kupo, Nono is adorable tongue.gif . Er.. Balthier is Balthier and Fran is Fran. I'm glad we finally get to have a moogle as an active member in our party.

Only five more characters are yet to be revealed, I am sure we all kinda guess who they are... biggrin.gif

EDIT: Is that Basch and Ashe on Vaan ship?? Looks like them... Why are the queen and judge magister so free??

IPB Image
^ Yeah those two little blobs at the front so does look like Ashe and Basch biggrin.gif i guess Basch is back with Ashe then? wub.gif

Why are the queen and judge magister so free??

Cuz they are secretly going out tongue.gif
Hi there! No new thread this time tongue.gif Here are eight new scans, showing all revealed characters up to now, to scans of the airship, two scans interview und one scan monsters:
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