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Full Version: new chatracters
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OMG look what I have found new characters for FF12 RW I wonder who is the boy in the middle is that kites ? he is so cool, that girl does not mach with the game maybe she is arcadian and I think that man is tomaj

if u have more info plz share us here
The girl is Filo, an aspiring sky pirate that you meet as an NPC in Rabanastre Lowtown with a gang of kids. Kytes is the boy in the middle and yes, the other guy is Tomaj. They've changed Kytes design it seems, I recall he had dark blonde hair instead of downright brown and it was rather long. Oh well, kids grow up I suppose, though this doesn't seem to apply to Vaan. tongue.gif
I did not know that was a part of the new!
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