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I am a slowpoke, so i've only made one of these since I got it. I'm using a program called poser, and I'm still trying to figure it out. This is my first render:

IPB Image
Pretty good. A while back, I used to mess around with a program called Daz Studio, which is somewhat similar to Poser. I believe you could use the two in conjunction with each other.

I never actually created anything with it, though. Too complicated.
Judge Kweh Kweh
Wow, pretty incredible especially for a first render smile.gif I remember back in the day when Poser 3 came out. I gave up on it. Got lazy on it.
Yeah, I needed this because I'm obsessed with character design. I have these vivid ideas of characters and can't seem to draw them. This is helping, but i'm fiddling, haven't rendered any actual characters yet.
wow. great work!!

There eyes are so shiny ;_;

hehe Look foawrd to more stuff! Great for a first time
Balthier's Girl
I've already mentioned about this one, but again I'll say wow.

Awesome stuff. I can't wait to see more, Clae.
Anarloth Bunansa
Congratulations ! smile.gif
Yeah, i got poser, so i could make my characters, i always wanted to see them in 3d, but i was soon to give up, to complicated for me lol.
That is truly amazing though lol, 1st render as well, im really impressed.
Though enough compliments, you've exceeded your lifetime quota lol.
But Great work Claedi
Claedi, that is absolutely amazing! You did an awesome job!
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