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Full Version: Nameless Anime Girl
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Say hi to this cute anime girlie i just made... thanks to one certain character maker site that allows you to generate own "Anime girl character". Let's just say this is one of my characters in Ragnarok Online (withouth those clothes:

IPB Image

I don't have figured name to her yet, but perhaps you guys and gals can figure out one! ^^ If you want to know the site where I make that, PM me, but not too fast alright? I'm not fast replying multiply times. ^^

Anyhow yea... comments? ^^;
Aw, she's really cute! Nice work! I'll have to think about a name, and I'll let you know. smile.gif
Okies and thanks! ^^ (no needed to spam here, lol, sorry admins, but I don't know how else I could continue from that... ^^; )

And more comments are welcome! ^^
Maiden of Rabanastre
That's cute! She looks like a Misato.
Before I re-modify this thread title, does everyone else agree that she looks like Misato? More comments are welcome. =)

And thanks for the comment, Maiden of Rabanastre! ^-^

Here's her sister, Mei. Tried to make her transparent... but i failed on some parts...^^;

IPB Image
Really nice! You are very good at making anime characters. Keep it up!
Naawr... just an avarage (if it's right way to say it) - ^ ^ - but stay tuned in case of new drawings. ^^
Both of them are very cute, well done.

I do not know that Misato character; I have no idea if your first girl looks like her.
Cows are my friends
ooh good job.
yeah she kinda looks like misato, xcept with pink hair... har har har
oh i love the first one...its very cute and i really like her bright yellow bows!!! and the second one is also the eyes
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