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Full Version: My (first) Winamp Skins! ^^
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Please don't lock... please... ^^;

Anyhow I also started today to make Winamp skins. I need your comments of one skin I just created:

IPB Image

It's Vegeta from DBZ... This is my first skin so be polite at your comments at least... ^^;

Picture is from:

My Second Skin:

IPB Image

It's called "Dreaming..."

Both are avaible to download. Put me an pm and ask the download address. smile.gif
Nice work. =) Vegeta's a bit blurry...but it's cool. <3

It's really good for your first try. You should make FFXII ones. =o
i thought people had stopped using that old winamp skinning style laugh.gif

did you use paint to make these O_o ? they look very 'pixely' in the way you resized the characters

it's good for a first try i guess smile.gif
No I used the basic skinner program called "quickSkin". Like the one here who also used that same program to create his skins (or was it hers?). Anyway I had to put the option "Continuous" on that program to the pictures, in order to get same picture on all 3 parts. ^^; Anyway yeah...

/EDIT: I just created an first FFXII skin! ^^ I done with this quite well in my opinion. ^^ Ask me this skin to download by pm if you want:

IPB Image
Those are really nice, especially considering it's your first effort. smile.gif I like the FFXII one the best. Good job!
Aww why thank you! ^^ I will post more skins created by me later on, so stay tuned and remember to watch this thread every now and then in case of new skins. ^^ (but right now i'm so badly multi-tasked that I don't have time to submit new skins just yet... @_@)

3 New skins! ^^ :

Children of Bodom:
IPB Image

Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist:
IPB Image

Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist:
IPB Image
Nice! I really like the Fullmetal Alchemist one.
hehee! Thank you! More coming tomorrow right now i'm exhausted... @_@... comments still welcome! smile.gif
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