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Um yurp. First time colouring and doing lineart in photoshop CS.

I KNOOO my lineart is so wobbly, and it has a bad cell shade look.

The bg is crap too xDDD!

Anywho Check my gallery for the orginal if you want.

AND ADD ME biggrin.gif!!!!!
uu i like it but i think youve should put more shades and stuff , also the eyes!!!...they're kinda bright!!...i love the thing in the fav one is ashe!
Maiden of Rabanastre
It's not bad for your first attempt, really. The background looks okay, but it's still a little shaky with the shines or whatever it is you put back there. Also, is Ashe flipping us off?
That's pretty good for first attempt smile.gif

As B.Valentine pointed out, I think their eyes are a bit bright....
I was using a style that the eyes stand out, but I guess I over did it :X

Live and learn xD

To be honest im not sure wat ash is doing xD TO COOL FOR SKOOL XD
Heh i like them... There very good for you're first attempt. But as B.Valentine did say, there eyes are very bright... Maybe ya should have tried to get there real eyes for them.
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