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Full Version: New trailer.
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Its good quailty. It includes bahamut and the new wing guy * cant remeber name*

Shows all characters in a cool pixel way biggrin.gif!

Ethereal Blade
Ugh... I really want to watch this badly, but I guess I'll have to wait until I have access to a faster internet connection.

Bahamut?! Like, the dragon Bahamut, right? If so, I'm glad to hear he's back! Oh yeah... about the winged guy... did you mean Llyud? (I think that's how you spell it).

People should look at those. Theres lots of pretty pictures biggrin.gif! Theres one of shive singing XDD~

And yes I think it is Lluyyud.
Bahamut looks cool...but unusual.

Are you sure that is Bahamut?
balthier just hasnt kept his hotness up. i blame square.
There seem to be a lot of FMV shown at this point. I wonder if it even possible to incorporate everything to such a small game. I have no earlier experience in DS so I'm not exactly sure how vast can a game be or how long is an average gameplay.

Though, I'd read the first impressions of the game by two of the beta gamers (...lucky people). One rushed through the game in six hours while the other took 25 hours to complete the game.

Bahamut looks fine (or at least as cool as he can get on DS), I wonder how Shiva looks on DS.
the x reaper
why does every trailer have to be in japanese?
You have bumped a really old topic with an irrelevant question

Another mod would have warned you immediately, but I just will close this thread and advise you not to do this again. I will keep an eye on you
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