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i am so out of inspiration in photoshop atm...i seriously feel like my skillz (if i had any) have gone out the window.

anyways, here is two versions of a (pathetic-ish) attempt at psing a photo of kate beckinsale.

IPB Image


IPB Image

anyone have any ideas as to what i can do to improve?

link to original:

: \
Maiden of Rabanastre
Mmmeh... Well, first of all, there's not much of a difference in lighting between the two, though I do like the second one best. I think it needs a bit more color if the eyes are going to stick out. Give her some lip tone or something. Maybe tweak the shades in the backdrop? Iunno. I'm no photoshop expert.
Noah fon Ronsenburg
I like the second one, but the best thing you can do is get a better picture.

That one isn't very flattering to her at all.
another one..

IPB Image

Ouch, way too bright.

To be honest it doesn't really look like Kate Beckinsale. Maybe another picture would work better.
Noah fon Ronsenburg
IPB Image

Try that picture, maybe?
Are those moles on her back or did she use too much hair dye?

hey, don't make fun of the "moles", i've got one on my back.
Maiden of Rabanastre
I don't think they're moles. Her hair is wet, so it's probably water. Anyway, The second attempt is a bit bright, but keep up the good work. It's getting somewhere...
LOL! If you look closely, the first pic CLEARLY shows its drops of water rolling over her back from her wet hair...

Second one best, because of the softning of her skin...
you should remove the drops that look like moles

and for something interesting, you should try to color it smile.gif

i've done stuff like that before, it's a bit hard, but just use lots of variations of colors, or else it doesn't look good


not late enough, not late enough

xD idekwim

but srsly, do it! (before I call a polar bear to maul you)
omagod i must fear teh polar bears

i vill think about it, i don't have access to CS2 atm :3
QUOTE(Roland @ May 6 2007, 12:07 AM) *

Are those moles on her back or did she use too much hair dye?

Her hair is wet and it's water dripping down her back. Kate Beckinsale is perfect and as such has no flaws.
Maiden of Rabanastre
QUOTE(joesmith123 @ Jun 2 2007, 08:00 PM) *

Kate Beckinsale is perfect and as such has no flaws.

Have much of an infatuation, Joe? biggrin.gif

And I still don't see how you guys thought the water was moles, but okay. laugh.gif Anyway, come up with anything yet, Xii? I'd like to see the finished product.
IPB Image


she looks a bit too yellow for my liking.


4AM UPDATE: see, i can be constructive in the early morning hours xD

IPB Image
Maiden of Rabanastre
I think the second one is better. The tone is a little less yellowish, and I like that you've removed the "moles", just to clear up the speculation. It looks much better now that there is more color.
Her face on the second one looks really good smile.gif

you have to 'fake' or draw the shadows in colors, so that they're not black like that
or at least where you get that rough transition that looks like paper
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