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Full Version: My new FFX Trailer
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Hehe, here is my new FFX trailer. I think its my best work yet. Rate and comment please.
I like how you create the dramatic vibe by connecting segments piece by piece. The voiceovers and sound effects adds to the chaotic atmosphere as well. I rate 4 because I think its pretty cool. -1 for having the opening a bit forced.
I really like it, the voiceovers were used very well and the music felt very dramatic.
Thank ya both!

More comments? biggrin.gif
It's terrific, new2ya! I agree with the above posters, the music and voiceovers fit perfectly. I'd give it a 5/5. Great job! smile.gif
nice job, new2ya. nice to see you working on the vids again.

this one is awesome, but i'm still in love with your other trailer xDD

the voiceovers are much better in this; the emotion of the game is executed very well. i agree with SA about the opening..a different shot would have been nicer (but then again, i hated mushroom rock so what am i saying xD)
WOW shok.gif

I would've bought the game so much sooner had I seen that on TV.
AHHHHHH!!!! NEW2YA YOU'VE MADE ME SO HAPPY!!!! biggrin.gif I guess it took me a little while, but when I found this topic, I got so excited. I loved the trailer, though sometimes the voices seemed a little weird with the video. But overall, I loved it! Especially the very end, with Yuna saying "I love you". *dies* AHHH, that was so good! *applauds* Your trailers are fabulous and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. wink.gif
Maiden of Rabanastre
I liked it! Gave me chills. I left you a spiffy comment on the page. (MusicBoxDream)
Thanks guys for all ya comments. I appreciate it. Now back to work. tongue.gif
thats well good new2ya smile.gif i really like it.

WELL DONE! *pats on back*
new2ya, that is a great trailer!

Now I don't know anything about editing etc, but that seemed great. It was all so seamless, and had a good rythm.

Better than the trailers released by SE themselves, if you ask me happy.gif
yeah imo they provide crap trailers. ^^. i guess FF13 trailers are okay, but thats about it xD
wow a gr8 trailer...

FFXIII? where? i aint completed FFXII *runs to ps2* omg will i need a ps3? *runs to shop*
i have no money *steals ps3* kk im set *gets thrown in jail* oh crap
The hero
wow thats really,really good!! yess.gif
That was a very good trailer.I loved it biggrin.gif
Holy crap, good work! The best FFX advert i've seen tongue.gif
Thank you guys for the comments! I appreciate it.
I never bothered playing FFX, even so, I know the characters and story pretty well.
If your trailer would have been the launch trailer of FFX, it would have made me seriously interested in this game tongue.gif

You made great use of the voice-overs, the music was fitting and the clips were very well edited. Great job.
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