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Full Version: Whats DNS cache?
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I was just browing this Japanese clothing website then I press the "back" button and the page loaded up as a blank page with this message on it "Your DNS cache is old!?"
What does this mean? blink.gif

I empitied the cache but it still has that it a bug??? unsure.gif
are you using internet explorer?
No I use Safari. It came with my Mac....
well you should have said that

i'm not too knowledgable with macs but, i googled (which you should do)

and found something:
sudo lookupd -flushcache

try that at the terminal/command prompt

not sure if it would work, but you can also ditch safari and get firefox or opera instead
^ thanks for your reply andrzej biggrin.gif

I just update my mac pragrams and now that Japanese page I was talking about opens up. I'm still not really sure what was wrong tho...

Yes I did google "DNS cache" but I still wasn't really sure ^^;;
.......Is that code for locating caches on the computer?

It's not a bug right? It's just some caching problem right ^^?

i'm not really sure, when i've used macs i've never had that problem

that code, i'm assuming that sudo makes you root/admin and then lookupd (look upd) is a command used with the switch (-flushcache) to clear the cache
Cool ic~
thanks for ur explainations smile.gif
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