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Full Version: Penelo fanart
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Here's my first completed Penelo fanart biggrin.gif

Comments and critiques are welcome.
Anarloth Bunansa
Ooooh she's so pretty ! Congratulations ! smile.gif
As mentioned, I like the effort you put into the details in her hair, and her sunny yet soft expression. As a whole picture, it is really comfortable to look at.

Great job, you always have such nice surprises.
very nice! i like the picture, even though i hate penelo. that's talent.
Thats a very nice drawing you have done there, you should feel proud!
Ringo, that is so beautiful. You captured Penelo perfectly. I love that outfit, I wish she would have worn it the whole game, and not just the end. smile.gif Great job.
^ Thank u all for the nice comments smile.gif
I'm very happy that you guys like it.
I'll make another character fanart next time (between my Basch fanarts ^^).
Kira Lee
Wow, very pretty.
You did very good biggrin.gif
very good job O.0
Can't wait until i can draw that well tongue.gif
I like it. A few things are off--the angle of her lips doesn't match with her face; her fingers are a bit too round; the transition from her shoulder to chest shouldn't be so flat--but it captures the likeness of Penelo and it's a fitting pose. Keep it up!
^ Thank u all for the comments! smile.gif

@Jayhawk:Thanks for pointing those things out biggrin.gif I actually did notice something wrong with her lips but I was hoping it won't be so obvious ^^; But now that you've noticed I think I'll fix it biggrin.gif ( lazy to fix the rest^^wink.gif
I love the clothes Penelo wears at the end of FFXII - I too was never fond of her "diving suit" outfit tongue.gif

Your artwork looks beautiful; the part I like the most is her hair, it just looks so nice, the coloring is spot on!
Great job Ringo!
...and you still have plans to create more Basch fan arts, right? biggrin.gif
^ Thank u!
Yes more Basch fanarts coming biggrin.gif
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