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Full Version: Pirates on holiday
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here a picture i did really quickly today. I messed up Balthiers hair tho.
finnally its summery in england so i decided to comemerate with a fanart.

Balthier and Fran on holiday

and heres one i did of Penelo and Fran enjoying some cosplay

and lastly heres a comic about Ashe's failed love attempts
I <3 Ashe
^ I like 'em. Especially the last one, the comic, very funny.
thaks biggrin.gif X
I like the last one XD Very funny but some parts are a bit hard to read ^^;
Balthier looks pretty cool with the sunglasses in the first one biggrin.gif
Your work is hilarious!

Penelo in Vaan's outfit...that is not even that far off, since Vaan looks like a girl anyway tongue.gif

The comic was funny too, it was a little hard to read sometimes.
"To Larsa,
Ashe totally fancies Basch.

From Penelo"
- yep, that is the way it ought to be happy.gif

Too bad Basch was Ashe was forced to marry Al-cid laugh.gif
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