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Full Version: Final Fantasy XII x Batman Begins
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And yet, another crossover fandom video. But this time the fault lies fully on someone else. It never cross my head to even consider making an AMV trailer for Batman Begins but I was inspired by some marvelously talented and lovely people on LJ.

Credits for the Baschman Movie Poster to Kidzukai and Mariagoner.

And here's the link:
I'm Baschman

Below is the name of the cast of characters from the Final Fantasy XII incorporated into Batman Begins. Though, I'd truly suggest you watch the video and have the fun of finding out about them yourself.

The Cast:
Basch: Batman/Bruce Wayne (or Baschman XD)
Ashe: Rachel Dawes
Vayne: Henri Ducard
Balthier: Lucius Fox
Dalmascan War Advisor: Alfred Pennyworth

+ Special Guest Appearance +
The Strahl: Batmobile XD

As usual, comments and criticism are highly appreciated.
^ From what I could make out, it was great!

The sound on my end was so very quiet---whispering---almost. I had my speakers turned up full blast and couldn't hear a thing really.. Don't know if this is something others will experience or not but thought it was worth a mention. Maybe someone could suggest why I couldn't hear most of it?

The poster was hilarious as well. Lip-sync very impressive, yet again! GJ.
Firstly, thank you for watching, it gives me great pleasure to hear that you are enjoying it. Makes the trouble so worthwhile. biggrin.gif

I suppose I'm to be blamed for the low volume, I forgot to blast up the sound when I created the video, so it is actually quite soft. But from what I've heard from other friends who watch the video, it wasn't as soft as whispering.

I've tested it on my own PC, I could hear it clearly albeit that I have to tune the volume higher. Hmm... strange! huh.gif

And the movie poster. It was created by someone else on LJ, here's the link for the clearer pic.
I actually thought the trailer/voices are originally more quiet; I did not have trouble understanding what is being said in the trailer, I actually thought the "softness" of the voices/music gives it a more "eerie" feeling smile.gif

Aorin, you already know that I love it! ""BASCHMAN" I never thought he could be so perfect for this role biggrin.gif Great job on the lip-sync too.

IPB Image
Simply hilarious!
Hey great work aorin!
The lip sync looked great but I had a bit of problem with hearing what the characters are was really quite, still the whole atmosphere tied in really well with the FFXII clips biggrin.gif

I think Christian Bale voice suits Basch, deep and manly^^
Love the poster.
Admittedly, the video is quiet and I apologize for that. It's too late now, to make any changes, and wouldn't let me replace the file. So the other way is to remove and re-upload, something which I'm dreading because... the file is 70MB, and my connection breaks all the time.

And Tanja, thanks for the comments, including the older two videos: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you've enjoyed. I didn't want to share the Balthier and Rasler video here and anywhere else for fear that someone might take offense. Honestly, the first two rating I've gotten for the Balthier video is 1 star... and I think I can understand why. Probably offended some fanatic Balthier fan out there. laugh.gif

To Ringo, thanks for watching and I'm glad you've enjoyed. Never had I ever consider making this video or even the idea of Baschman until well... I was influenced by some other people on LJ. And yeah, he does really sexy with Christian Bale's voice, much younger and mellow... wub.gif

There made something more than the poster, there was the original idea, the short fic, followed by the poster, and there's even a ticket. These ladies were awesome, and I just join in the insanity.
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