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Full Version: Can someone help...?
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Ace Ishtar
I need to make a "rainbow eye" for my club's logo. And I've tried to do it, but I can't so I turn to you >__>

What I need is something exactly like THIS.

But with THIS eye.

I found the eye on google... or yahoo I think I dunno one of those. And I thought it would be PERFECT. I wouldn't even have to fool around with it when I went to go turn it into a shirt! <3

Anyways, there's no due date to it, just need it.

Umm... so yeah. I love you...?

You need permission from the artist before you can use their image and turn it into a shirt, I would imagine.. If that is what you're planning on doing..

As for the rainbow thing, I've never tried, I guess my attempt would be as good as yours cos I too, would have to use a tutorial to do this. Anyway, I'm sure one of the savvy Photoshoppers will be able to help you out tho. Good luck.
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