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Full Version: 3D Modelling attempt
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Hey guys, as part of my Game Design course I'm starting to learn 3D modelling software which is really wierd and alien to me!

Anyhow, this is my first rendered scene! Can ya let me know what you think and where best it can be improved?

Hope you like XD

what program is it?

it looks pretty good smile.gif
3D Studio Max.

I've been faffing around with it for the last two weeks trying to remember what all the buttons do!
Anarloth Bunansa
Waw ! Good !

3D Studio is quite known... but so expensive... sad.gif
i think i had that program for a while, just to make random sig renders xD

i was never really good at it though

Day 2! Chessboard!

This was tough getting the muscle tones in the Knights and the crowns of the King and Queen were hard but am happy with the result. What do you guys think? Improvements?

I'll add the link to the first post.

OMG, the chess board was sick.

IPB Image

I liked the chess board better.
Itīs really good.
very awesome!

I like the chess board as well tongue.gif
Haha this is great!

I agree with the others, the chessboard is much more interesting. I'm a 3D student, and I know it's hard at the beginning XD

The bottle could have been made with a Nubs curve, and then "revolve". Same for the cup. I dunno how much time it took you, but with this technique you could have done it in like 3 minutes.

I'm using Maya 8.5, I dunno about 3D Studio Max, but if you want to have a better look on your rendering, use mental ray lighting. It makes everything look better!

But hey, this is really cool smile.gif
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