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Full Version: Final Fantasy XII x Beauty and the Beast
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Yes, I know, another FFXII/Disney crossover video. Something that I couldn't get quite enough at the moment. For some unexplainable reason, I'm quite happy (to say the least) with this video. I suppose, it is the fact that it consist so many characters and practically a full cast, which makes the video a lot of fun to watch, and also, it is the first time I manage to incorporate so many Judges scene into the video and that makes me one happy fangirl.

Not to mention, Basch, Ashe and Ondore are phenomenal in this video...!

The Cast:
Basch: Beast
Ashe: Belle
Ondore: Maurice
Cogsworth: Vaan
Lumiere: Balthier
Mrs Potts: Penelo
Fifi: Fran
Villager #1 (Male): Zargabaath
Villager #2 (Male): Gabranth
Villager #3 (Female): Drace
Villager #4 (Male): Bergan

+ Guest Appearance +
Vayne: Gaston

Anyway, here's the link to the video:
Final Fantasy XII - The Mob Song

And... Part II of FFXII/Hercules. Initially, I made the Zero to Hero video, a while back, then someone asked me if I want to make a sequel to it. And here it is:
Final Fantasy XII - I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
hahah that was great! Very funny XD
I especially like these parts:
"Bring me the old man!" --- poor Ondore!
Balthier as Lumiere, I think they have similar personalities^^
That broom lady's voice suits Fran pretty well in a strange way!

Your I Won't Say (I'm In Love) video's very entertaining too XD

So what will your next MV be? Too bad there's not Basch and Ashe dancing scene otherwise I'd love to see one with the Beauty and the Beast song biggrin.gif (Although Basch is not a beast^^)

o btw I like ur new avy! They do look like they're about to kiss.
Wow, have been keeping busy.

Yes, poor Ondore laugh.gif
And Basch can easily be referred to as a "beast" - a BEAST of a man that is!!!
You matched the "Beauty and the Beast" character voices perfectly with the cast of FFXII.

I also very much loved your "I won't say (I'm in love)" video biggrin.gif (I left you a comment on Youtube)

What are your up to next? I also once considered making a Ashe/Basch romance video with the song: "Beauty and the Beast" but then I decided to drop the project, I needed more Ashe and Basch scenes in order to make it work they way I wanted it (actually, a darn dancing scene would have been enough to make it work >_<)...but maybe you have been thinking about it? Where there is a will, there is always a way smile.gif

Your new avatar is fabulous! As Ringo has already mentioned, it actually looks like they are about to kiss!!! Very lovely!

OMG I really liked that. Penelo was kind of odd but everyone else suited well.
OMG, thta was awesome!

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