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Its up!
They made it pretty snazzy if you ask me!

The game seems nice. Too bad I don't have a DS and the emulators for them kinda suck it seems...
Ethereal Blade
That's a great-looking site! I like the music they used for it, too.

Looks like there's just a few examples in the Esper section considering the total amount in the game... wonder if they'll put up the rest later on. Leviathan, despite straying from it's usual design a bit (he's got arms and legs!), looks great. Definately awesome IMO. This is my all-time favorite summon creature, so I just have to mention it. wink.gif

I'm currently playing this, and have been enjoying it so far. However, since I have never played a RTS game before in my life, I am still getting used to the gameplay (although you could say it's more of a RPG/RTS hybrid of some sort).

And I suppose it's because of my inexperience with RTS games that I find myself staring at the game over screen more times than I would like. There seems to be some very unforgiving battles in this game (again, perhaps just my inexperience with RTS), but it is supposed to be harder than the Japanese version. At least you can just retry after you lose... and you still get some EXP, too. wink.gif

Anyway, I'll stop before I get too off-topic. Thanks for informing about the NA site, -josh-.
^ Hey, long time no see and glad to hear you are enjoying the game so far. Yeah, it takes a while to get use to the system but after you reach chapter 3 or so, you'll be used to it. Though when I first played the Japanese version, I didn't realize that you can only have two Rank 1 Espers, two Rank 2 Espers and 1 Rank 3 Espers at one time. I only figured it out after Chapter 5.

Argh, why isn't Basch, Ashe, Larsa, and a whole bunch of other characters listed among the Character section. That's sacrilege!!! Apart from that, the website looks really nice.

Also, I've yet to lay my hands on the localization version. Something was wrong with my DS and I need to get it fix.
Ethereal Blade
^ Yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it? Good to see you are still around.
You're defiantely right; after playing for a while today I feel I've grasped the battles pretty well, and I've gotten to chapter 4 now. I know what you mean about the espers; I was confused about the same thing too.

But the thing I still don't know is... what determines the character and Esper matchups at the beginning of battle? It seems perhaps melee character get matched with melee Espers, and ranged characters with ranged espers, etc.

But, in assuming that's true... let's say you aren't using a ranged esper at the moment... what kind of esper would be assigned to a ranged character in it's place?

Not that big of a deal I suppose, but it sure does make me curious. tongue.gif

And about the character section on the official site... Indeed, I wonder why there aren't other characters up there like Ashe and Basch. And as much as I want to see Ashe and Basch up there, where is Kytes and Filo? They seem to be more important/have more screentime than Balthier and Fran at the moment, and even they aren't there... strange. Hmm... I suppose all these things will be added in time.

btw aorin, that's unfortunate what happened to your DS... I hope you're able to fix it.
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