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Full Version: Tri Atack ?
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A few minutes ago I went to ogir-yensa to sightseeing a bit and i've been atacked by some urutan-yensa... How can a stupid level 13 urutan hit more than 3000 with it's tri atack !?
Ethereal Blade
I think I know what you are talking about... if I'm not mistaken, that attack deals damage based on a certain percentage of the target's max HP.

Were you fighting it with high level characters with lots of HP? If so, that must be why it was doing so much damage. If not, then I have no idea. tongue.gif
yea i was shocked too......some headless sumthin at lvl 20++ does about 2k damage to me..............when my lvl was at 90...........
tri attack hits 1/3 of your max hp. or maybe 1/3 of your current hp. i'm not sure. but eitherway, it isn't something to be worried about since the three attack often miss
The attack does damage based on 1/3 of your CURRENT HP. As in, this attack can never actually kill you. Think back to the final fantasy games and the Demi spell. Same basic concept.
annoying... i just used my nihopaloa in the sandsea..
expensive, but effective
Angeousa Quicksilver
I think tri Attack can kill you, I don't think it halfs your Hp more like taking 1/4 damage of Max HP I think. Since I've been killed by those Dingos in Rabanstre Wester/Easter sand many time by those stupid tri attacks
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