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Full Version: The Vishno
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I was wondering about the rare monster Vishno, since I went through The Pharos I was thinking can the Vishno still appear despite I have slayed the Deidar and Brainpans, so can it still spawn?
Squrly Bandit
The Deidar and Brainpans should still respawn, just like most enemies, so you should still be able to meet the requirement for Vishno to spawn. A reminder that you need to kill ten Deidar in order for Vishno to spawn... the only purpose killing Brainpans accomplishes is that it increases your chain level, so you might get a better drop.
If your looking for vishno and have completed the pharos already then i'am not sure how you are going to make him spawn because once you go back to the 1st ascent,the Deidars will turn to stone and cannot be targeted.Must be some sort of game bug.
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