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Full Version: Lightning FFXIII fanart :)
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Lightning from FFX13. The games not out yet but I just felt like drawing a fanart! Should be out soon ^^

comments and critiques are welcome smile.gif
HAHA her female-mullet is quiet unique..
I like the shading and the details are good
buttt I dont' Like the eyes for some reason..
Love it <3
I drew a fanart of lightning recently so i remember thinking that her outfit was fun to draw, but drawing her hair right was a bit more difficult.

I especially love the colouring/shading put into her outfit, i think it's my favourate part of the picture.

Something seems off to be about the arms though, they either seems too short or it's just the angle i'm not used to. As for the seems a bit too blocky? Maybe that's what's throwing me off.

Taking the point that josh said about the eyes, i don't think there's anything wrong about them, but i think it has to do with the fact that most of the colouring is very pastel and blended in together nicely, but from about the shoulders up it's slightly sharper there and seems a bit odd. If you know what i mean.

Overall though, i really like it.
^ Thanks for the comments and critiques! <3

@josh: Might be cuz too much black on her eyes. I really want them to stand out tho. The focus in on her face. There's a lot of details on her outfit I thought they might take up all the attention. I'll try to soften her eyes up a bit more then! biggrin.gif

@Saiyuki: Hmm yes the pose is a bit strange but she's suppose to be turing around. Cuz of her name I didn't want her to have a static pose ^^ I'll see if I can fix her arms a bit. The colours from the shoulders up are sharper cuz thats the focal point biggrin.gif

Edit: I've made some changes to the image, hopefully it looks a bit better now smile.gif
The shading is doesnt seem to suit the figure though. I could see the shading working if you did something a bit more chibi if you know what I mean.
^ Thanks! You're right the shading is a bit flat~
I've fixed it up a bit, hopefully it looks ok now. Thanks for the critique! They're very helpful.
Lady Sora
Aww very beautiful. I liked the colours very much. Well done.
Actually, what i mean was that maybe i though the arm looked short because i'm not used to seeing people in that pose.
But i do agree that a static pose wouldn't live up to her name.
And the updated picture looks good to me (though i don't really remember how the original looked exactly ^^; )
Ringo, I'm so sorry I'm so late in commenting. I've been really busy, and not very active on the forums as of late. I just love this artwork of Lightning. You've really captured her intense expression, the colors are great, and your attention to detail is wonderful as always. Great job! And keep posting, I always enjoy your work. smile.gif
^ Thanks very much for the comments! smile.gif

@Saiyuk: There was something wrong with her arm tho ^^
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