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Full Version: New Screenshots and Artworks
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Here are 25 new/old Screenshots and Artworks, at least in better quality:

Nice smile.gif
Nice to see some screens biggrin.gif
I wonder how the battle system works tongue.gif
I like the graphics alot, the spirtes are quiet cute biggrin.gif
Paper Bear
Nice. Thanks for sharing.
Cows are my friends
wujju thanks!!!
ah i want to know more about the battle system
this just keeps looking better and better! but the more I see of the artwork (ie Vaan, Penelo, Winged dude) the more I feel the lifeless-ness in the art.
aww cute~
thanks for sharing them smile.gif
Firstly, thanks for sharing the pics.

OMG, Ba'gamnan is back. After the mob, I thought he was gone for good. blink.gif It seems like he has joined Vaan's party after a fight, interesting...

I wonder who are the two girls in one of the pics... unknw.gif
I'm so excited!
Thanks for sharing, Prevailer.

The pics look good. Yay! biggrin.gif
Thanks Prevailer! Now I HAVE to buy a DS! These are some of the best looking pics I've seen for RW yet! The sprites are adorable! smile.gif
QUOTE(Prevailer @ Dec 22 2006, 08:19 AM) *

Here are 25 new/old Screenshots and Artworks, at least in better quality:

Nice smile.gif

Hmm, looks like Bagagnon (that bounty hunter who chases Balthier around) in one of those shots. Well, I suppose if Vaan's been pirating enough, he'll have a bounty on his head too!

Edit: lol I didn't realize someone else had already said this....
this is turning out to be something special
I'm SO wanting this for my ds!

Thanks for Sharing.
I need a ds now...
van helsing
g'day mates the people who do these have some talent new_russian.gif
This game looks freaking sweet! is it a strategy rpg? It looks a lot like tactics...which can only be a good thing
Balthier's Girl
Bah! I'm so back and forth on whether or not I'll get this. I have to go out and buy a Nintendoods to even play it... BOOO!! There better be some HEAVY Balthier involvement in this damn thing... *grumbles*
^ Go watch the trailer, and at the end you'll see something xD
*squee* I am getting so excited for this game. Everything looks really great so far.
Anarloth Bunansa
QUOTE(-josh- @ Jan 26 2007, 03:18 AM) *

^ Go watch the trailer, and at the end you'll see something xD

Personally, I don't like the last scene of the trailer !!!! unknw.gif sad.gif
No way :shock: I think I know how the battle system will work some way.

Look at this pic:

You'll see Vaan and Penelope and a LEADER icon with all different kinds of monsters in Vaan's "LEADER-box" (I'll call it like that), I guess that those little monsters are sort of.. your little army.. they'll fight for you. I guess all the little monsters level up and get stronger.

If you count the little green cubes below Vaan's avatar you can see it's the same amount of monsters on-screen. BUT.. below Penelope's avatar there are two small green cubes, but I don't see 2 other monsters that could be those.
Okay so that's not true, there are six monsters in the leader box and there are only 5 cubes, so those boxes must be something like mana bursts. Which refill over time.

Heck, I don't see Penelope anywhere on screen, I think if you press on Penelope's avatar, Vaan will disappear and Penelope and her monsters will pop up.
I could be totally wrong, it could also mean that Vaan is attacking the monsters listed in the "LEADER-box" which you can see.

- Though, the first thing what I mentioned (the army thing) could be true, because on other screenshots, you can see that there are small arrows pointing to enemies (monsters with a red health bar instead of blue - this also fuels the possible fact that the monsters with blue healthbars are your friends/party)

Jaa mata, ne~?
Balthier's Girl
I honestly don't mind the prospect of Balthier being "evil". I might like him better that way (if that's even possible happy.gif), but I definitely prefer him full sized. He's cute in chibi form, but not HOT. laugh.gif
Anarloth Bunansa
I think that he'll get reputation of free and heretic man, in this game... To be confirmed...
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