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Full Version: Danjuro Farming Guide
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There was an old thread where the question of the Larvae Eater and Danjuro came up. Rather than bump it (since it wasn't the main point of the thread anyway), I'm starting this new thread for two reasons:
1) I've discovered a relatively fool-proof way to get the Larvae Eater to spawn, and
2) I think it's an interesting and frequent enough question that there ought to be a thread about it, and finally
3) I want some other fools to help me confirm it wink.gif

Basically, through some google searching, I found a thread on the GameFAQs boards where they were discussing how to get a Larvae Eater to spawn, and how to get it to drop the Danjuro dagger. The original thread is here, but it's 34 pages long and threads on that forum tend to disappear after a length of inactivity. So I'm reproducing the important part here. Most of this post is cut-and-pasted from my post in that thread.

I've just tested, and confirmed, that Karchy's method works as he described in his first post. It has nothing to do with divided Necros, as it seems. It works the same way as Bombshell (the mob that drops the Yagu Darkblade). You really only need three zones on the map for this to work: The platforms with Waystone XIV, the Leo Gate Switch, and the Leo Gate.

Here's exactly what I did:
Starting from Waystone XIV, I went up to the platform with the Leo Gate Switch (LGS), and down to the platform with the Leo Gate (LG), chaining necrofiends until I hit around 221-ish. During this time I killed every last Necrofiend in the LGS platform, to the point that they would no longer respawn. I kept going down to the XIV waystone to reset the LG platform to get more mobs to kill, and after a 221-chain the Larvae Eater spawned, so i stopped short of 255. It's worth noting, however, that I have chained 255 previously to get the Larvae Eater to spawn for the first time.

After killing the Larvae Eater (no drop this time), I ran through LGS to LG to reset the Waystone platform. I then returned to the Waystone platform, and checked for LE. Since he wasn't there, I walked up to the Waystone/LGS zone border, and zoned back and forth for around 5-10 minutes by holding down on the analog stick with a rubber band, while I was browsing these forums.

Once 5-10 minutes had gone by, I stopped zoning, and checked the Waystone again, and lo and behold, there was a Larvae Eater. Kill (again, no drop), and run back to LG to reset the zone.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. I just killed 5 LE's in about half an hour. Unfortunately, so far none of them have dropped anything, but I'm going to keep at it. Keep in mind that you don't have to kill anything in between LE kills, so you are chaining LE, which means eventually you will start going up in chain levels and will reach the increased drop % that people have suggested the bomb method yields.

Now, here's why it works:
Much like the Bombshell, there's a small chance that the LE will spawn every time you enter the Waystone platform. Once he does spawn, he will stay there until you reset the zone or kill him. Thus, if you just keep zoning back and forth between the two platforms (Waystone XIV and LGS), he will eventually show up. Once you've killed him, you have to reset the zone before he'll spawn again.

The trick that makes this different from the Bombshell is that LE does not seem to have a % chance to spawn UNTIL after you've chained a bunch of Necrofiends. However, once you've completed this task, he does have a small % chance to spawn each time.

Thus, you start your Necro chain and continue it until LE spawns. After you kill the first one, you run through LGS to the LG platform to reset the Waystone platform, and return to it. Then you zone between LGS and the Waystone platform until he spawns. Since at no point do you ever go two zones away from LGS, you never reset it, and thus don't have to deal with Necros anymore, allowing you to chain LE's with impunity.

Since you don't need to kill another chain of Necros to get this to work, but it won't work after using a save crystal, I presume this means that you need to make a large chain to get the first LE spawn after using a save crystal. It may also be that waystones interrupt this method the same way save crystals do.

This could explain why some of the people trying to replicate Karchy's method were failing. Maybe some had already completed a 255 chain earlier, but had saved or used a waystone or save crystal since then and thus re-set the flag that enables LE to spawn. They came back to try Karchy's method without creating a new chain to get the first LE spawn, and thus weren't able to spawn it with the zoning trick.

There is at least one other thing that could be important here: clearing the LGS zone (and I mean really clear -- you should be able to make several laps around the place from end to end without getting anything to spawn). There's nothing in my experience to indicate whether it's the chain level of Necros or the actual clearing of the LGS platform that triggers the first LE spawn. It could very well be that the trigger is clearing this platform, which would explain why some people get their first spawns after 20-30 Necros (they just clear LGS) and some take 200-250 (they kill a few in LGS and mostly clear LG over and over).

I'll be glad to answer any questions people can come up with, in the hopes that someone else can duplicate this and confirm what Karchy and I have discovered.

Also, some tips:
1) I check the zone every time I reset it, to make sure there are no reapers. I've tried fighting LE a few times with 3-4 Reapers around, and let me tell you, it makes it a bit of a pain (even at lvl 85). Having to deal with LE's Invert is annoying enough, but having a few reapers throwing KO and Annul around on your party members is downright ugly. Luckily, if you get reapers, you can just run back to LG and reset the zone again.

2) The number of times you need to zone really is random. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes of zoning, other times it's 5 minutes. Once the LE even appeared the very first time I reset the zone, during my reaper check. If he doesn't appear after 10 or 15 minutes though, chances are you've done something wrong.

3) He doesn't always drop anything. He didn't start dropping loot for me until the 6th kill, and still hasn't dropped a Danjuro for me (i'm at #8 right now). So far I have 2 Demon Eyeballs and an Arcana to show for my work.
Wow! Is this dagger really THAT good?
Ethereal Blade
QUOTE(Cheeky25 @ Dec 29 2006, 05:48 PM) *

Wow! Is this dagger really THAT good?

I don't think it is, really. Well, I guess if you equipped Cat-ear Hood. I just perfer other weapons, though.

I actually did the Mom Bomb way after reading about it elsewhere, but it was so tedious (getting a level 4 chain from the Gargoyle Barons, and then making the Mom Bombs self-destruct). theckhd's way seems to be easier... oh well, at least I have Danjuro.

After finally getting it, I realized what my least favorite monsters were in the entire game: Mom Bombs and Larva Eaters. laugh.gif

Yes, when I start another file, I will definately try theckhd's way.
Lol, I usually never play the game to the max anyways. I probably won't get a character over lvl 70. I like to just get my characters high enough that I can beat the final boss easily. I might do a few sidequests, if I'm feeling up to it.

Only games I've beaten the hardest boss in were FFIX and FFX.
This is what I did to make the Larva eater appear. I think the key is a mixture of all the topics in this thread.

I went to Gate stone XIV, then to Leo Gate Stone (LGS) where I killed all the Nechoprobes till they would not spawn. I then went back to GS XIV where the Larva Eater did not appear. I then continued to the Leo Gate (LG) and killed all the Nechoprobes until they would not spawn. Next I went back to LGS and killed all the Nechoprobes until I got a number that started flashing white 123 (i don't think what number mattered.). I then went to GS XIV and looked for Larva Eater. He was not there. So i used the rubber band method and zoned for 10 minutes. When i looked there he was at the GS XIV with a couple of Reapers.

I would also like to note that at 18 i had the white number flashing but i did not try zoning to make it appear. I think i will try that next time.

Good Luck to all.
gosh thats alot @_@
this is weird, i can't seem to chain larvae eater, i keep on having to kill the reapers. after i kill the reapers, then the larvae eater spawns after a couple of zones. so i can never chain them.... btw, i've only killed larvae eater 4 times in about 1.5 hours sleep.gif
I can't seem to chain LE's either. In fact, I've never been able to get one to spawn. I've tried both the Leo Gate method and Mom Bomb method, and I've killed about 600 Mom Bombs, and zoned the Leo Gate Switch and Waystone area about 40 minutes before checking, and no luck.

I'm really sorry for asking for help, but does anybody have any advice?

My procedures:

Leo Gate
1. Get to Waystone XIV
2. Travel between Waystone XIV, LGS, and LG, chaining Necrophobes and checking for LE to spawn (no luck)
3. Hit 256 chain of Necrophobes, go to Waystone area
4. Kill reapers, kill LE
5. Rubber band zone between Waystone and LGS 40 minutes
6. Sadness and failure sad.gif

Mom Bomb
1. Exit Great Crystal, chain to highest level Gargoyle Barons
2.Enter Great Crystal, get to Waystone XX without touching any enemies
3. Travel the three areas of Mom Bombs with the Sagittarius Switch and chain them until 256
4. See one LE, defeat it (Arcana, joy of joys)
5. Continue pattern of running through three areas of Mom Bombs
6. Current luck = nil sad.gif

I'm gonna try to continue this tonight, hopefully finding luck. It's been about 6 hours...
I feel quite pathetic.
Thanks for your help!
I did NOT chain any bomshell to get the blade I got it after killing 4 of them.
QUOTE(Merkabah @ Mar 3 2007, 08:25 PM) *

I did NOT chain any bomshell to get the blade I got it after killing 4 of them.

Mmm, yes, I understand. I meant that I ran through the pattern of platforms, and waited for them to explode.

Any other advice? Thanks for replying smile.gif


I've given up for the time being, and will try again later, thanks for the help guys!

Looked on Gamefaqs and stuff, and it seems that the reason why no LEs are popping for me is because I killed the Evil Spirit rare monster before trying to zone LEs. I hope this is the problem, and not just bad luck!

I tried this and it does actually work. at the moment im chaining 2 larvas but im getting reapers so im off to reset the way stone.

great topic.
well I got it now the funny thing is that I got 3 of them after chaining 39 larvas eaters! 3 in one loot! biggrin.gif
Hi, to Merkabah...
What's the method that has worked for you and what did you do EXACTLY, please?
This is the last thing I'm missing, so please, let me know something!
sorry for the late reply.

I did way XIV - Leos switch gate - leos Gate

you MUST kill 256 necros between LSG and LG ( OPEN leos gate )- EVEN if you see larva before chaining 256 at waystone XIV DO NOT kill it cos larva will always appear at XIV after you chained 256 necros.

Once you kill the first larva RUN between (border) Waystone XIV area and Leo SWITCH gate. just hold the analog DOWN between those 2 areas for TEN MINUTES - YES TEN MINUTES after you clocked it go to where the waystone is and see if larva is there is if there KILL IT and after you kill it GO BACK to LEO GATE and GO BACK to waystone XIV area again and do the TEN minutes thingy ALL over again so that you can chin larva to get danjuro alot "quicker".

But im telling you it took me 2 days with my ps2 on chaining larvas.

good luck.
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